smoke signals.

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smoke signals

i absolutely love where i live, and truly do enjoy the work in which i engage. both happen from the LGBTQ ‘Boystown’ neighborhood in chicago, which has served as my home over the past several years as i’ve partnered with various individuals and organizations to build a better world through what i’ve dubbed our (un)common good collective.

chicago may be home for now, but as one friend told me today – ‘when home is inside of you, You can go anywhere.

as 2017 begins i’m thrilled to begin releasing a bit more information around the creation of that Organization, delving deeper into its proposed purpose, and introducing several new projects and partners as this new year takes shape after january 20th.

over the past seven years i’ve both strategically and intentionally worked within a select set of specific spaces – most notably (and publicly) at the intersection of faith/gender/sexuality and politics (and more specifically, deep within the belly of the beast – traditionally conservative and moderate christian churches and leaders engaging that discussion, and their much-needed shift toward equality and advocacy for marginalized people (along with the theological, idealogical and practical implications thereof).

the fact of the matter is that’s just a portion of my work, to which i’ve dedicated my efforts to since 2009.

it was then that a slough of terribly misguided religious leaders met in NYC and further paved the way for the absurdity in which we now find ourselves – a well-organized movement of pharisaical faith leaders actively seeking to systematically defend an institutionalized oppression of those they deem to be ‘Other.’

as i’ve said before – time and time again – that doesn’t look very much like jesus.

the religious and socio-political disconnect expressed in nearly every division in this country and around the globe is merely symptomatic of a much deeper issue – that of Groupishness. i’ve additionally acknowledged that it’s particularly difficult at times like these to not demonize and dehumanize our so-called Other.

in today’s hyper-connected and intersectional world (and even more so with the incoming administration and its partisan support in both the house and senate; empty seats on the supreme court and all the rest) the Work to which i’ve dedicated my life has required diligence, intelligence, patience and vigilance.
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‘capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.’

— alphonse capone

train wreck.

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i’d LOVE for my christian friends somehow still supporting donald trump to explain how they’ve missed the irony in the above political cartoon.

it’s calling you a hypocrite.

many can’t seem to differentiate between Trump’s consistent obscene and criminal behavior toward countless women on the one hand; and his opponent’s fighting for her marriage after her husband betrayed her trust with a white house intern.

besides the fact that bill clinton’s sexual escapades are essentially irrelevant as he isn’t the clinton who is running for office (yes, i expect one day their daughter will also attempt to save US from ourselves) – Hillary Clinton is running against Donald Trump, in case you didn’t get the memo… Continue Reading…

‘two Teachings, very simple. be Humble, and be Grateful. everything else works itself out from there.’

— a new friend and great Teacher,
muhammad ahmad ullah

always learning.

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‘i don’t go around fire expecting not to sweat.’

— Lil Wayne

busy week.

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it’s going to be a busy week…time to get. shit. done.

of course, just before the weekend, OPEN announced our OPEN Faith conference website went LIVE – – reflecting countless hours of work and years of building and investing in relationships built around the country amongst our rapidly expanding network of friends – each of us interested in exploring just and generous ways of being christian and living a life defined by Love.

this is going to be one hell of a conference.

the number of people involved in ‘pulling off’ that event with a shoestring budget is nothing short of inspiring – i’m humbled to be counted among them (seriously, check out the site. poke around. kick its tires. if you’re interested at all in progressive christianity and where it’s headed – this is an event you won’t want to miss – especially if you grew up evangelical).

part of that, of course, means that there are a few last-minute, loose ends to tie up – one of those being an amazing opportunity to visit with father richard rohr at the center for action and contemplation, and capture an interview for his own contribution of exclusive content at OPEN Faith.


that’s wednesday.

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‘all that is beautiful leads is to God. because God is good, God is beautiful. God is true.’

— pope francis

beast mode.

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i love it when brian mclaren gets like this – he’s in total beast mode – most recently laying down his top 10 reasons he’s had to part company with what he dubs the Conservative Evangelical Project (if that doesn’t your interest, then what if i told you they include donald trump and katy perry – interested now?).

upon the release of his new book The Great Spiritual Migration, his national book tour is making national news – again, and again, and even received commendation from malcom gladwell.

welcome back from sabbatical, brian.

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‘when a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.’
— nelson mandela