about me.

i talk with a lot of people, read a lot of books and drink a lot of coffee and guinness. i should drink more water.

i’ve recently begun to put into practice a type of re-framing of not only my philosophical and theological deconstruction of the traditions which i found myself born into and raised in, but also re-framing my own life – finding beauty and the presence of the divine not only in my present and future interactions, but also in my past.

the lessons of leaving behind the narratives of pride and shame i’ve inherited, navigating the pain of my past and the challenge of restoring what’s been broken leave much for me to embrace, and much for me to let go of on the WayWard path of learning to live and love like jesus.

i’m grateful for the friendships and communities of which i’ve been fortunate to be a part, and am continually in the process of learning, provoking, asking questions and challenging the status quo. i am convinced we can do better… that the ‘good news’ really is actually good news, for everybody.

i am part of a growing movement of individuals and organizations who are deeply committed to the life, teachings and example of jesus, and am increasingly concerned with the way his fan club has damaged his reputation and hindered his life’s work of not only proclaiming, but living out the good news to all people.

i am interested in seeking new ways of doing theology and living biblically; new understandings and practices of mission; new kinds of faith communities; new approaches to worship and spiritual formation; new integrations and conversations and collaborations seeking the common good for common folks – which is just common sense.

because i am rooted in a generous christian heritage, i am eager to collaborate with people of other faiths. i believe networks of dialogue and action extend beyond just self-identified christian communities to persons of all faiths, as well as to communities and neighborhoods that are not themselves faith-based.

i’m energized by engaging in conversation surrounding these ideas with my readers, and look forward to hearing about your own journeys and challenges; figuring out how we can each walk alongside one another as we together learn to love well.

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