an excerpt.

mjkimpan  —  August 7, 2012 — 25 Comments

i’m currently reading through chris seay’s the gospel according to jesus.  it resonates.

every few pages, i find something stirring in the deepest part of my soul.

here’s one such excerpt ::

Righteousness as God’s restorative justice

God’s righteousness is powerful and multifaceted.  We will spend much of this book exploring the fullness of its meaning.  But we also know what his righteousness is not : a morality that can be attained by the works of man.  The best simple translation of the word righteousness is “restorative justice.” God is stepping into our brokenness and making things right, taking fragments shattered by sin and restoring them to fullness.  The reality is that God is calling us to take part in his glory, which comes from heaven to earth, and to live in his abundance, together.  Seeking his righteousness is about being an active agent for his restorative justice in all of creation.

What was and remains broken in this world because of the fall can be made whole. It can be set right. What does it look like for each of us to pull back and hear the words of Jesus anew? To view his actions and his life and ask, “How can I lean into a vibrant, true, and real faith that is not hyperfocused on rules and guidelines but on the kingdom of God?”

I believe the reason we are not living our lives in the light that real Christianity ignites is that we have ignored, distorted, and misunderstood the gospel according to Jesus.  Join me on this journey through Scripture as we carefully attune our lives to the way of Jesus.

— chris seay