any ideas?

mjkimpan  —  August 1, 2012 — 35 Comments

today is Chick-fil-A appreciation day.  i think we’d all agree that this Chick-fil-A thing is getting old.  the gay vs. christians debate has grown tiresome.  both sides have their heels dug in, and they’re ready for battle – but quite honestly, this is getting a little embarrassing.

many of us are looking for a better way forward.

any ideas?

the table of history is seasoned with men and women who have dared to dream of a world better than this; who have been emboldened by their visions to live life defiantly in the face of the status quo and have courage enough to ask an Almighty God to change his creation through them.  adding much needed and exquisite God-flavor to their surroundings, they have brought vivid color to a world of dull, dingy black-and-white and stirred the imaginations of those audacious enough to follow in their footsteps – encouraging those who come afterwards to take a hold of hope and visualize a world better than this one.

dreamers, from walt disney to dr. martin luther king jr., from mahatma ghandi to mother teresa, have quite literally changed the world by envisioning a state of affairs better than before.  the impression they have left on countless millions – their global emotional and spiritual  footprint – is immeasurable.  yet each of them set out not to stroll onto the stage of international superstardom or sainthood, but simply to right what was wrong in the world in which they lived.  we need today such men and women who have not just familiar vision and foresight but that possess a courage, conviction and passion to engage the injustices of our present society.

this generation longs for a sense of belonging; it values authenticity, transparency and humility; it emphasises praxis over dogma, it values deeds over creeds; it admires kingdom thinkers rather than empire builders; it finds meaning in the uncertain valleys of ambiguity, paradox, metaphor, mystery, and artistic creativity; it expects and even demands meaningful engagement with those who strive to lead them; it views the bible as the story of God’s redemptive purpose rather than the repository of propositional truth.

as we influence the relationships in the arena of our existence, i am convinced that we can – and must– collectively change conversations around us, in effect changing the church, and changing the world.

refusing to do so will render the church irrelevant and useless to this generation.

what we need are people willing to present a new way forward.

any ideas?