the great spiritual migration: how the world’s largest religion is seeking a better way to be christian 
by brian d. mclaren


the new jim crow :: mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness
by michelle alexander

the world as it is :: dispatches on the myth of human progress
by chris hedges

why did jesus, moses, the buddha, and mohammed cross the road? :: christian identity in a multi-faith world
by brian d. mclaren

allah: a christian response
by miroslav volt

a better atonement: beyond the depraved doctrine of original sin
by tony jones

a generous orthodoxy: why i am a missional, evangelical, post/protestant, liberal/conservative, mystical/poetic, biblical, charismatic/contemplative, … anabaptist/anglican, metho (emergentYS)
by brian mclaren

everything must change :: when the world’s biggest problems and jesus’ good news collide
by brian d. mclaren

adventures in missing the point :: how the culture-controlled church neutered the gospel
by brian d. mclaren and tony campolo

friendship at the margins :: discovering mutuality in service and mission
by christopher heuertz and chrstine pohl

becoming a true spiritual community :: a profound vision of what the church can be
by larry crab

love without agenda: moving our spiritual goalposts from heaven & hell to wholeness
by jimmy spencer, jr.

fall to grace :: a revolution of God, self and society
by jay bakker

love wins: a book about heaven, hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived
by rob bell

shattered dreams :: God’s unexpected pathway to joy
by larry crab

what we talk about when we talk about God
by rob bell

the contemplative pastor: returning to the art of spiritual direction
by eugene peterson

unexpected gifts: discovering the way of community
by christopher heuertz

the king jesus gospel :: the original good news revisited
by scot mcknight

jesus and nonviolence :: a third way
by walter wink

pilgrimage of a soul :: contemplative spirituality for the active life
by phileena hertz



the bible made impossible :: why biblicism is not a truly evangelical reading of scripture
by christian smith

a new kind of christianity :: ten questions that are transforming the faith
by brian mclaren

scripture and the authority of God : how to read the bible today
by nt wright

what saint paul really said :: was paul of tarsus the real founder of christianity?
by nt wright

surprised by hope
by nt wright



a time to embrace :: same-gender relationships in religion, law, and politics
by william stacy johnson

bible, gender, sexuality :: reframing the church’s debate on same-sex relationships
by james brownson

God and the gay christian :: the biblical case in support of same-sex relationships
by matthew vines

generous spaciousness :: responding to gay christians in the church
by wendy gritter

love is an orientation :: elevating the conversation with the gay community
by andrew marin

a letter to my congregation :: an evangelical pastor’s path to embracing people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender in the company of jesus
by ken wilson

gay conversations with God :: straight talk on fanatics, fags and the God who loves us all
by james alexander langteaux

torn :: rescuing the gospel from the gays-vs.-christians debate
by justin lee

stranger at the gate :: to be gay and christian in america
by mel white

the end of sexual identity :: why sex is too important to define who we are
by jenell william paris