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much of what we value as tradition or ‘orthodoxy’ in reality actually hinders (or even contradicts) the gospel.

‘nationalism is a religion and war is its liturgy.’

— stanely hauerwas


forgiveness is a forward movement – an acknowledgment that we are all connected in the great stream of collective conscious; that every word, thought and deed we choose to express not only affects our own world, but the world of those around us.

the same is true for the ways in which others engage in the world – it has practical implications for each of our lives, and oftentimes becomes a source of bitterness, fear or disappointment.

it is oftentimes difficult to move past the hurt caused by others who’ve hurt and betrayed you, as well as forgiving one’s self for either allowing or causing suffering to others.

at least in my life, there’s a lot to forgive. Continue Reading…

‘for dialogue to be fruitful, we need to live deeply our own tradition and, at the same time, listen deeply to others.’

–thích nhất hạnh

blind pharisees.

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earlier this week, an old friend forwarded me a link stating that newly elected, eccentric and quite energetic president Trump promised he’d uphold previous presidential orders protecting LGBT federal workers.

while many of my pastoral colleagues applauded this move (and more than a few folks in my Boystown neighborhood breathed a sigh of relief), it appears those sentiments may have been premature.

in response, i confessed i wasn’t entirely trusting the president would uphold his promise – not just because he’s proven himself to be a pathological liar, but equally because of his engagement with the evangelical right throughout the campaign and election process.

he’s made some promises to them, too…a bit of a quid pro quo.

<if i were more tech savvy, i’d have a silence of the lambs GIF here.> Continue Reading…

‘i don’t preach a social gospel; i preach the gospel, period. the gospel of jesus christ is concerned for the whole person.’

– desmond tutu

tunnel rats.

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donald trump has only been in the White House for a week.

there’s no doubt the man and his team of worker-bees have been busy – the whole country is abuzz with either anxiety or excitement, depending on which side of this deeply divided socio-political environment one falls.

in his first week in the oval office, the Trump administration reignited his self-started war with the press, installed a portrait of andrew jackson in the oval office (this is significant) regurgitated a thoroughly debunked theory of widespread voter fraud in last month’s election (thus paving the way for even more extreme voter suppression – specifically in the south), made some inaccurate comments on torture he was forced to walk back, met with our ‘strongest ally’ in the first visit from a foreign leader since the inauguration, and tomorrow will chat it up by phone with his buddy vladimir putin.

from russia, with love.

in just seven short days Trump has signed almost as many executive orders (which can be read here – updated daily). among other things, these specifically single out muslim countries and vaguely propose ‘extreme vetting‘ of refugees, officially prioritized one religion (christianity) over all others, green-lighted a wall we can’t afford and promised to publish a weekly list of crimes of immigrants, further inciting alienation along ethnic lines in a nation already ripe with racial division. Continue Reading…

‘the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.’

– sun tzu, art of war

‘capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.’

— alphonse capone

train wreck.

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i’d LOVE for my christian friends somehow still supporting donald trump to explain how they’ve missed the irony in the above political cartoon.

it’s calling you a hypocrite.

many can’t seem to differentiate between Trump’s consistent obscene and criminal behavior toward countless women on the one hand; and his opponent’s fighting for her marriage after her husband betrayed her trust with a white house intern.

besides the fact that bill clinton’s sexual escapades are essentially irrelevant as he isn’t the clinton who is running for office (yes, i expect one day their daughter will also attempt to save US from ourselves) – Hillary Clinton is running against Donald Trump, in case you didn’t get the memo… Continue Reading…

‘two Teachings, very simple. be Humble, and be Grateful. everything else works itself out from there.’

— a new friend and great Teacher,
muhammad ahmad ullah