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smoke signals.

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smoke signals

i absolutely love where i live, and truly do enjoy the work in which i engage. both happen from the LGBTQ ‘Boystown’ neighborhood in chicago, which has served as my home over the past several years as i’ve partnered with various individuals and organizations to build a better world through what i’ve dubbed our (un)common good collective.

chicago may be home for now, but as one friend told me today – ‘when home is inside of you, You can go anywhere.

as 2017 begins i’m thrilled to begin releasing a bit more information around the creation of that Organization, delving deeper into its proposed purpose, and introducing several new projects and partners as this new year takes shape after january 20th.

over the past seven years i’ve both strategically and intentionally worked within a select set of specific spaces – most notably (and publicly) at the intersection of faith/gender/sexuality and politics (and more specifically, deep within the belly of the beast – traditionally conservative and moderate christian churches and leaders engaging that discussion, and their much-needed shift toward equality and advocacy for marginalized people (along with the theological, idealogical and practical implications thereof).

the fact of the matter is that’s just a portion of my work, to which i’ve dedicated my efforts to since 2009.

it was then that a slough of terribly misguided religious leaders met in NYC and further paved the way for the absurdity in which we now find ourselves – a well-organized movement of pharisaical faith leaders actively seeking to systematically defend an institutionalized oppression of those they deem to be ‘Other.’

as i’ve said before – time and time again – that doesn’t look very much like jesus.

the religious and socio-political disconnect expressed in nearly every division in this country and around the globe is merely symptomatic of a much deeper issue – that of Groupishness. i’ve additionally acknowledged that it’s particularly difficult at times like these to not demonize and dehumanize our so-called Other.

in today’s hyper-connected and intersectional world (and even more so with the incoming administration and its partisan support in both the house and senate; empty seats on the supreme court and all the rest) the Work to which i’ve dedicated my life has required diligence, intelligence, patience and vigilance.
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top 10 of 2015.

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since the beginning of this blog, i’ve posted an annual ‘best posts of the past year’ which was based on which ones had been shared the most via social media, or had the most comments (here’s the top ten of 2013 and 2014).

seeing as today is the even of a new year, that’s this post; however, instead of linking my most popular posts from 2015, i’ve chosen to link those i believe to be the most important.

so without further ado, here’s my top ten from 2015 (with a bit of a teaser from each of them) ::

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‘we do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.’ — richard rohr

pastors – you are not responsible for what people in your pews believe; but you are responsible for what messages they hear from your pulpit.

‘The entire biblical text would emphasize ‘right relationship’ much more than intellectually being ‘right.’ Jesus consistently declares people to be saved or healed who are in right relationship with him, and he never grills them on their belief or belonging systems.’

— richard rohr

if anyone has the answers to all the questions – that is the proof that God is not with him. it means that he is a false prophet, using religion for himself.

–pope francis


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oh, what a wicked web we weave.

these days, it’s nearly common knowledge that our so-called secular society most often describes american evangelical christians as being ‘anti-gay,’ ‘judgmental’ and ‘hypocritical.’ 91% of non-christians FIRST identify the word ‘christian’ with ‘anti-homosexual.’ 80% of young christians feel the same way.

that’s not good news.

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christ was defined by ::
rejecting the status quo,
upsetting religious norms,
rejecting dogmatic hypocrisy
and loving all.

how are we defined?

‘the mercy of God has no limits.’
–pope francis

you, too?

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bono by michka assayas is a truly fascinating read. states,

“Bono’s career is unlike any other in rock history. As the lead singer of U2, Bono has sold 130 million albums, won fourteen Grammys, and played numerous sold-out world tours, but he has also lobbied and worked with world leaders from Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to Nelson Mandela on debt relief, AIDS, and other critical global issues. He has collaborated with the same musicians for nearly three decades and has been married to his childhood sweetheart since 1982. His life, at all turns, resists the rock star clichés.

In a series of intimate conversations with his friend Michka Assayas, a music journalist who has been with the band since the very beginning, Bono reflects on his transformation from the extrovert singer of a small Irish post-punk band into one of the most famous individuals in the world; and from an international celebrity to an influential spokesperson for the Third World. He speaks candidly about his faith, family, commitment, influences, service, and passion. Bono: A Self-Portrait in Conversation is the closest we will come, for now, to a memoir from the iconic frontman of U2.”

what follows is an excerpt from the book in which bono talks about jesus in an interview with the author ::

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