gay TV

mjkimpan  —  August 31, 2012 — 51 Comments

a few weeks ago, a story broke on that captured my attention and wouldn’t let go. like a mental bear trap. or a pitbull. or an alligator.

something dangerous.

apparently, louis sheldon of the ‘Traditional Values Coalition’ has written a post entitled, The Plan for a Gay (Domi) Nation which lamented that young evangelical christians have become more open to gay rights (which is documented in recent polls here here and here as well as elsewhere).

he further said that the ‘gaying of the united states‘ is evidenced by tv shows that are designed to ‘desensitze americans to the genuine risks of the homosexual agenda‘ by portraying gay people as ‘witty, clever, lovable and just a little quirky.’

read that last sentence again.

so – portraying gay people as lovable is actually a secret gay conspiracy controlling hollywood? some sort of ‘homosexual agenda’ meant for the domination of our beloved once-christian-but-now-the-gays-are-taking-over country?

i’ve got a lot of gay friends. all of them are witty, clever, lovable and (maybe just a little) quirky. and all of them are tired of reading articles and hearing arguments like this. so am i.

the opposite of witty is unfunny or idiotic. the opposite of clever is stupid. the opposite of lovable is unlovable. and the opposite of ‘just a little quirky’ is…well, i just don’t know.

what i do know is if we follow this argument to its logical conclusion – in order to ‘protect america’ from the dangerous minority of the gay community, the majority ought to portray gay people as unfunny, idiotic, stupid and unlovable.

that’s the suggestion.

i wonder if people who make these kinds of comments have any gay friends.

if not, it seems to me they’re missing out on an opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people – and perhaps in the process change their perspective on the demonization of the gay community and their ‘gay agenda.’

here’s a question :: for those of you whom are heterosexual, what are your gay friends like? are they funny? witty? lovable? or are they idiotic? stupid? unlovable?

my guess is your gay friends are sometimes great to be around, while other times they test your patience. just like everybody else.

and if you don’t have any gay friends… consider this :: do you think, perhaps, that could be part of the problem? it’s easy to make asinine statements when we’re talking about an issue. it’s tougher to do when we’re talking about a person. it’s even harder to do when we’re talking about a person with whom we have relationship.

even if you consider gay people ‘sinners’ – remember it was the sinners (tax collectors, drunkards, prostitutes) whom jesus was busy hanging out with in the gospels.

and by the way, they seemed to be portrayed as lovely people, in spite of their sin.

just like everybody else.