hell. well?

mjkimpan  —  August 29, 2012 — 33 Comments

hell. it’s a hot topic.

there are multiple perspectives on hell, each subscribing (whether consciously or unconsciously) to a different interpretation of scripture.

with several different views floating around (on any topic), each claiming to have biblical support, asking questions such as what does what i believe about hell tell me about what i believe about God? seems to be a good idea.

the fascinating thing is, as pointed out last year when rob bell wrote love wins, many christians get a little jumpy when you start asking questions about hell.

in the following clip of an outtake for the upcoming movie Hellbound, brian mclaren asks a related question – is God violent?

having discussed this very question at #thecrux (our college group) a few months ago, the clip piqued my interest – and could be used to generate and inspire some thoughtful conversation on our view of the future.

this outtake mirrors much of what mclaren writes about in his forthcoming book, which you can pre-order here.

in my opinion, mclaren asks a fair question and responds to it in a balanced and thought-provoking way.

but maybe that’s just me.

what do you think?