mjkimpan  —  July 31, 2012 — 30 Comments

for more on the hellbound film, you can visit their website.

i know i’m looking forward to its release.

i may even take a couple people with me and use it as an opportunity to have some conversation around a HOT TOPIC (see what i did, there?).

what do you think?  is this something you’d be interested in seeing?


  • Wow that looks pretty interesting. Looks like one of my favorite preachers, Mark Driscoll, will be a part of it!

    • considering taking a group from #thecrux – think it could generate some great continued conversation; particularly on the heels of our last series!

  • ryan copeland

    A few thoughts. First – Although it looks well made and definitely interesting, is it wise to put it out there in the public so all can see how divided we ‘christians’ are on such a crucial doctrine? It may make us look even worse than the world already thinks we are. Second- I like how the trailer opens up talking about Dante’s Inferno. It’s humorous to me because the church’s idea of ‘Hell’ comes directly from that book and not the Bible. and Third- Sorry @facebook-719366407:disqus but I can’t stand Mark Driscoll 🙂

    • interesting thought on the first point, ryan. i suppose an appropriate response to that will have to wait until we’ve seen the film; but i’m curious – what would you suggest in place of a film (or a book, as rob bell infamously wrote last year)?

      • ryan copeland

        Honestly, I don’t know. I do know that just from some quotes in this short trailer, the secular media is going to have a field day with this. my favorite is the guy who says “it’s a wussy attempt to make God look like a nice guy” is this guy an atheist who believes that a God who could punish millions for eternity is evil, or is he an über-calvinist who believes that God’s justice will trump his mercy? (I hope it’s the former) but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. All I know is that if it’s 2 hours of Christians calling each other cowards and wusses, than society is just going to laugh at our idiocracy.

        • i’m hopeful that it can, at the very least, begin some conversations on how to find a better way forward. but i hear your point – if the highlight is the disagreement amongst pastors, it may flop in terms of generating healthy discussion.

          • tarl_hutch

            If you guys are interested in further conversation on Hell, check out Brian Mclaren’s “The last word and the word after that”. Very informative and challenges the idea that Hell is so central to Christianity. When we focus on Hell and penal substitutionary atonement, we miss all the other aspects of Jesus’s work for us. I don’t know whether to hope Christians come together over the topic of Hell, or push it to the background and focus on the fact that Jesus can change is and bring us together. If we ever stop arguing for a few seconds that is.

            • excellent book suggestion, tarl. i’ve only read snippets of it, but from what i’ve read i think it’d be worth taking a closer look at (no surprise there, as most of brian’s writing provokes thoughtful conversation). thanks for the reminder.

              • tarl_hutch

                All three books if the “A new kind of Christianity” series are very good. I actually stumbled upon them years back, when I was really start to reconsider how to live as a Christian and my own beliefs. His writings have consistently inspired and challenged me. Some people hate him, but I think he does a great job of coming from a former conservative perspective and gently advocating for an emerging faith. I owe a lot of my spiritual direction to him, as well as C.S. Lewis, Shane Claibourne, and Thomas Meeting. If you havent read any Meeting, stop what you are doing and pick up a book now. Oh and Brennan Manning is always good, with a dash of Rob Bell among many others.

              • haha! we read many of the same authors. i KNEW i liked you!

  • ryan copeland

    I have to add this as well Michael, If you could replace the vimeo video with youtube, it will load much much faster. I got frustrated waiting for it so I just went to their youtube channel. thanks!

    • will do, ryan. could you provide the link here and then i’ll embed it.

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