hipster ‘pastors’.

mjkimpan  —  June 18, 2012 — 25 Comments

this past friday, @PastorMark tweeted quite the helpful online resource :: ‘serious help for silly pastors’

in his post, he writes, ‘this tribe of ‘pastors’ spends a lot of time and mental energy trying to create for themselves innovative/cutting edge/avant-grande/unique/relevant/hip/ creative new titles.’

though at my church we’re pretty comfortable with the title ‘pastor,’ not all of us share that responsibility; therefore, i’ve taken the liberty of making a new list of potential titles for roles on our staff at richwoods ::

executive pastor, tim barnes :: intuitive renewal architect
jr hi youth pastor, david bell :: loving connection conductor
children’s ministry coordinator, teri boedecker :: genuine revision instructor
children’s ministry director, rachel burgess :: emotive renewal creator
worship director, daniel crumrine :: creative expression monk
sr hi youth pastor, andrew degrado :: authentic renewal motivator
campus pastor, joel dryden :: empowering narrative strategist
facilities manager, ben harrington :: visionary connecting developer
spiritual formation pastor, marty hunt :: organic formation director
children’s ministry director, ann ladd :: humble rebirth shepherd
connections coordinator :: holly morrison :: innovative integration motivator
communications director, michael kimpan (me) :: incarnational communal pooh-bah
administration assistant, jeannie orr :: heartfelt connection coordinator
worship director, nathan peterson :: cutting-edge rhythm artist
lead pastor, jim powell :: visionary spiritual leader (or just, ‘grand pooh-bah’)
office assistant, ann sawyer :: nurturing life encourager
production team leader, bobby sherman :: artistic possibility conductor
campus pastor, ken stewart :: passionate cultural missionary
missions team leader :: alissa trost :: missional imagination vicar
home to home area leader, chris workman ::  heartfelt connecting dreamer

in the event you want to create your own title, see the complete chart from @PastorMark here.

share your own title in the comments!