mjkimpan  —  October 4, 2012 — 36 Comments

in my experience, we learn best when we engage in rich, thoughtful conversations that explore the great tensions of life and faith.

i’ve also found this cannot happen in isolation, but must take place within the context of community.

over the past few days i’ve made some new friends – friends who speak a common language and share a sense that God is up to something.

something bigger, something more. some might call it a movement. i’ve even heard it called a revolution.

my new friends and i gathered on a beach, coming from around the country and across the world, hailing from varied theological backgrounds, experiences and faith traditions. we’re different people – each with our unique personalities, contexts and challenges, our specific aspirations and visions of what could be.

we shared in conversation, in laughter and tears with some of the most interesting, brilliant, passionate people on the planet.

we broke bread together.

we dreamed.

it will take time for me to put into words how powerful these past few days have been – and even longer for them to move from word to flesh – to become incarnational and a part of my every day life – but i am confident of this ::

God is up to something.

in our midst. in you. in me. in all of us.

you have felt it too, haven’t you? perhaps you didn’t even know what words to put to it, but you’ve sensed it, smelled it and sometimes even dared to speak of it, even if only with an internal whisper ::

God is up to something.

we’ve danced around the edges of this thing, poking and prodding to make sure it’s not just in our heads. we’ve remained cautiously optimistic, but have often allowed the caution to override the optimism for fear of the unknown.

but all the while, there’s been this constant, nagging truth playing over and over in our hearts and heads ::

God is up to something.

but. there’s. more.

in conversations and prayers, in the sharing of the eucharist with new friends something awakened deep in my bones – something electrifying. something terrifying. something exhilarating.

God is up to something.
and he wants us to join him.

i am invited into this dance, and so are you. he wants us, in community, to engage in rich, thoughtful conversations that explore just what it is that God is indeed up to in and around us.

we’re invited to go on adventure with others who have a sense that God may not be done with his story quite yet. and everyone is invited.

we are invited to journey into the possibility that there is more God has to say to a world that so desperately needs to learn of his love – what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height of his unending, uncompromising, unconditional, undeserved-and-yet-freely-given unfathomable love.

God is up to something.
and i’m going with him.

you’re invited, too. so let’s get going. time to take a jump into the unknown.