it’s coming!

mjkimpan  —  October 26, 2012 — 38 Comments

every once in awhile, something exciting happens in my life.

sometimes the surprises are welcome – and other times they’re just about the worst thing i could imagine. you never know, with me. often the surprises aren’t predictable… but then there are times when i can see it coming – and like the final tile in a row of dominos, i just brace myself for its impact.

this coming monday, i have an announcement to make – one that is both surprising and welcome. be sure to subscribe to the blog or check back to find out what it is – and come along this journey with me.

as i look back at the landscape of the last few years, i see how the pieces have strategically aligned to bring me to the precipice of this upcoming adventure.

here are just a few of high-lights and low-lights of the roller coaster called my life in the past four years ::

• leaving a toxic church environment as a result of its bad leadership and illegal activities
• moving back to chicago
• searching for a job in ministry, beginning an MDiv at trinity evangelical divinity school
• working at starbucks to make ends meet, unable to get a job in a church
• getting a DUI <;sad face>;

• dropping out of trinity, failing in my marriage and failing at life
• investing everything into my professional life while destroying my personal life
• winning the Manager of the Quarter and Manager of the Year awards at starbucks
• having cocktails with Howard Schultz (i’ve mentioned that before here)
• being invited to represent starbucks coffee company on the Oprah Winfrey show

• getting fired from that job, being forever convinced VIA is evil (for the record :: it is)
• playing poker ‘professionally’
• losing all my money to real poker pros
• becoming desperate – broke, lonely, scared, bitter and angry (read about that here)
• reconnecting with an old friend and re-engaging in christianity by relocating to a faith community in peoria, IL (read about that here)

• starting this blog at his request (read the first post here)
• juggling three jobs to make ends meet, struggling to repay my debts
• getting another DUI – resulting in several days in jail, thousands of dollars in fines and a fashion accessory (see that here)
receiving grace from my faith community that enabled a breakthrough in a lifelong pattern of deception and bitterness (read about that here)
• solidifying my vision and calling (read about that here and here)

• having my first post published at tony campolo’s red letter christians (read about that here or see subsequent articles at RLC here)
• learning the importance of process through heartache (read about that here and here)
• meeting, pursuing and dating the woman of my dreams
• working closely with members of my faith community, engaging in true spiritual community and spiritual direction (read about that here, here, here, here, here and here)
• meeting some of my heroes of the faith – and becoming their friends

• learning to embrace the pain of my past and sit in the pain of the present for the purpose of hearing God speak (read about that here)
• writing my 100th post – which was significant not only as a numeric milestone, but also in the direction of the blog (read that here)
• having my first article published online with RELEVANT (read about that here and here)
• having the opportunity to lead college students at #thecrux in reshaping the essentials of the faith, encouraging them to live out their conviction in a strong, yet benevolent way (read those here and here)
• settling into some language that i feel best articulates what God has been birthing in my soul over quite some time – ‘loving God in the way of jesus, following his example of solidarity with the Other‘ and explored that in our solidarity series (here, here, here, here, here, here and here)

so, on monday, i’ll share my surprise with you.

if you have a guess as to what my announcement will be, leave your thoughts in the comments. if it turns out you’re right when i make the announcement on monday, i’ll send you some free stuff… and i’ll do the same for the most creative guess as well.

  • Going to Disneyworld?
    Ooh, I know, you are going to cease your relentless crusade against capital letters!
    Or maybe you have accepted a call to pastor a church
    Become chaplain for the Cubs? So many possibilities.
    I have enough “stuff” just send cash

  • I know what the announcement is. No need to wait until Monday… Subscribe to my blog and I’ll be breaking the news on Michael’s surprise Sunday night. // HA! LOL! Just kidding.

    • ha! well played.

      • i’m finally catching on to all the tips you gave me about how to increase blog traffic.

    • Terri Vaughn

      Jim, you have a blog?? I think you need Michael’s help on that traffic issue.

  • So, if i’ve never told you this, let me say it now– your story is incredible. So grateful to know you, Michael.

    As to your surprise… my guess is… you have a book deal. Yes? No? Maybe?

    And i still want to hear your Starbucks story– if i’m ever in Peoria, will you tell me over [insert local coffee shop name’s] coffee??

    • thanks ally. yes – the starbucks story is quite a tale… one for the history books, in fact. as far as your guess – you’ll just have to wait and see!

  • Catherine Cambra

    1. You’re opening a coffee shop for the young crowd called 20-20.
    2. Rob Bell wants you to be his ghost writer.
    3.You’re launching another church plant for Richwoods…in Creve Coeur. :0

  • You were offered a book deal? Got engaged? Got a job offer with RLC or some other similar group?

  • Terri Vaughn

    Michael, thank you for this post. I feel like I know you so much better now. I also would love to hear the Starbucks story. As far as my guess, I have the unfair advantage of an earlier conversation with you. So I’ll keep what I know to myself. I’m always looking for freebies though 🙂

    • since you’re behaving and keeping it to yourself, i’ll make sure i get you *something.* same goes for our pal jim. 😉

  • if you say book, I will a) want to hurt you in a jealous rage, and b) be so happy and proud to know you. Thank you for sharing the bullet points of your story here… fills in so many blank spaces, and reminds me of God’s grace in chasing us down, down, down… (also, welcome to the Relevant club… i like to bring up that I was a relevant writer at hipster parties!)

    • you mean you’re not proud to know me without a book deal?! hmmph. i’ll have to work on that…

  • Dr. Trista Carr

    Thank you for your vulnerability, Michael. It speaks volumes about your character. My hope is that your announcement will be as many have already guessed, that you have a book deal. But I’ll add to it…maybe you also got Rob Bell and Carlton Cuse to make a movie about your life?!? Your story sounds like great movie fodder for sure… 🙂 Blessings & Godspeed!

  • HMMMmmmm…I’m guessing something with vocation – a book deal? OR a new role in ministry?? Can’t wait to hear on Monday! Thank you for sharing your story – what a wild ride for you it has been! It’s funny how when you look back on the journey – it makes more sense than when you’re in the middle of it.

  • It’s going to be Monday here in Germany in about an hour…announce on Germany time?? I’m guessing you have taken a ministry opportunity somewhere other than RCC, you’re writing a book, or you’re getting married??

    • i’ll compromise and post in about an hour… pesky european readers. 😉

  • Ty Paluska

    You’re getting hired at thirty-thirty?!?!? Awesome!!!

    • you spoiled the surprise! 😉 i just give random business advice and drink your coffee like crazy. an employee discount for me would kill your sales.

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