mjkimpan  —  July 12, 2012 — 39 Comments

more than 706,000 people helped june become the best fundraising month of the presidential campaign thus far.  all told, the obama campaign, along with the democratic party ended june with $71 million to put to work towards the election.

$71 million.

the GOP was not to be outdone, however, and in the same month mitt romney and the republican party brought in more than $106 million to boot obama from office.

$106 million.

$71 million + $106 million = $177 million.

in a month.

yeah, i suppose june was a good month for fundraising.

several months ago, a ny times article was written in which the romney campaign stated they’d like to see $800 million in donations prior to november.  the obama campaign set their goal of fundraising for just over $750 million, the amount barak and co. raised back in 2008.

$800 million + $750 million = over $1.5 billion

(that’s with a ‘B’ and perhaps appropriately accompanied by an austin powers’ dr. evil impression).

half of what romney hopes to raise for his campaign came as a pledge promised by two billionaire brothers (charles and david koch) to the tune of $400 million; but not all of the candidates funds come in the form of checks written for more than what it would take to buy an island.

obama recently asked supporters for donations of as little as $3 to compete against the deep pockets of his republican opponent.

i’m not against fundraising.  i’m not even against campaigning, though it admittedly gets tiresome during election season and i have to make ‘rules’ of things that i won’t do in order to maintain my sanity (as rachel held evans brilliantly shared back in august).  but i have to wonder…

isn’t there a better way for our politicians (and their supporters across the country) to spend that kind of dough?  $1.5 BILLION???

while many in both parties lay claim to the idea that we’re a christian nation, i have to suggest there’s something terribly backwards about spending that kind of money to fight for a position of power in an earthly kingdom, all the while claiming to be a citizen of a heavenly one.

i wonder what that money would be better spent on…

what do you think?


and just for fun…