oh happy day.

mjkimpan  —  December 9, 2013 — 4 Comments



hey you guys (and gals)!!! i’m back.

i’ve made it back into the saddle of the WayWard follower. after finishing up my book’s manuscript and sending that in, making it through a pretty busy season of visitors and travel at The Marin Foundation and getting ready for the holidays, i’m cautiously (re)entering the world of the blogosphere.

apparently, it’s a dangerous place.

although i’ve been keeping my head down and diligently working at the manuscript in recent weeks, whenever i did happen to peruse the blogosphere or my social media feeds, it seemed there was almost inevitably a new storm brewing nearly each and every week.

from rachel held evans going tweet-to-tweet with the NINES conference on its lack of women representation to christianity today’s less-than-popular recounting of that event; to the pope continuing to … well, be the vicar of christ … to sarah palin’s thoughts on the matter, to his released document outlining the mission of the church and rumors he might be sneaking out of the vatican at night to help the homeless; to charges of plagiarism in mark driscoll’s new book to calls of compassion for the seattle pastor, then more accusations and it’s curious subsequent aftermath(this, by the way, seems to continue to have daily developments – like this);  to humorous responses to the rally cry of a supposed war on christmas (here and here and here) – it seems like the interwebs is a sticky place indeed, even at the holidays.

still, i’m looking forward to (re)engaging with you all and further exploring what it looks like for us to participate together with God and each other in the ongoing act of reconciliation, particularly in the tension filled spaces in conversations surrounding faith and sexuality.

additional side note :: yesterday was my birthday.

some of you even sent me starbucks cards – which i deeply appreciated. THANK YOU!

for those who missed the opportunity to get me a gift – never fear! there’s still time – would you consider making a donation of $5, $10 or $20 to The Marin Foundation in my name (more would be ok too.)?

as andrew likes to refer to us, we’re a ‘small, rogue and mobile group’ but our influence outweighs our budget. contributions like these allow us to walk alongside individuals, families, churches, both christian and secular universities and other organizations on their journey toward healing and reconciliation, and opens doors for more people to participate in (and elevate!) the conversation.

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