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oh, what a wicked web we weave.

these days, it’s nearly common knowledge that our so-called secular society most often describes american evangelical christians as being ‘anti-gay,’ ‘judgmental’ and ‘hypocritical.’ 91% of non-christians FIRST identify the word ‘christian’ with ‘anti-homosexual.’ 80% of young christians feel the same way.

that’s not good news.

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christ was defined by ::
rejecting the status quo,
upsetting religious norms,
rejecting dogmatic hypocrisy
and loving all.

how are we defined?

graphic images.

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the incredible website unworthy.com has gone and done it again.

several times on any given week, i find myself clicking on a link to their videos, triggered by some catchy comment or pithy prose. today’s was this ::

9 out of 10 americans are completely wrong
about this mind-blowing fact

who wouldn’t want to click on that?

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what you said,
what you meant to say, and
what was perceived
to have been said
are three different things.

this pope is a sinner.

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this is significant.

from the start, there was an air of excitement surrounding this pope – even the pontiff’s chosen name, never before used by any pope in the history of the church – pope francis – beckoned back to a celebrated hero of the christian faith and a gentle revolutionary, st. francis of assisi.

many have been optimistic that this formal cardinal of argentina would kick some spiritual tail and bring about much needed reform within the catholic church’s hierarchy. in recent years, the vatican has been plagued with scandal and allegations and is in desperate need of renewal – and many believe francis is the guy to bring about those changes.

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(good) gracious.

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i’ve contemplated writing this post for about a week.

as someone who is positioned as a bridge-builder between opposing world views – as someone who claims to follow jesus and is about the business of reconciliation and peacemaking – i am acutely aware of the importance of the words i choose.

because words matter.

yet it is precisely because words matter that it is incumbent upon me to write this post.

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‘the mercy of God has no limits.’
–pope francis

God loves uganda.

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recently, The Marin Foundation announced that for our upcoming Living In The Tension gathering, we’d be hosting a screening of the as-yet-unreleased documentary film, God Loves Uganda.

within hours of that announcement, my inbox was blinking with emails from concerned folks who had read this article from a popular online christian magazine, which expressed some reservations about the film’s portrayal of evangelical christians.

some were worried that in showing the film, The Marin Foundation would unintentionally ‘polarize non-christians against believers,’ urging us to do ‘further investigation before [we] endorse this film.’

here is what i wrote in response ::

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today, we remember.

may we remember the indecencies and atrocities committed under a false understanding of our shared humanity in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them.’

may we remember the bigger mystery of God – that we are all his children and that YHVH desires for us all a path of peace.

may we remember the teachings of jesus, who was appropriately called the prince of peace.

may we remember that common ‘knowledge’ about islam often stems from some misquoted and badly translated verses, taken out of context.

imagine that.

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‘i came to a point where i had to learn to live and love beyond my theology.’
— evangelical pastor, whose son came out to him as gay