speaking of time…

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last summer, i wrote something similar to what i’m about to write here.

yet the message is just as important now as it was then.

living in the tension of building bridges between opposing world views often brings out the best – and the worst – in a lot of folks. people from both sides of the cultural divide often lob labels and accusations in our direction in an effort to ‘figure out’ what The Marin Foundation is all about or to elicit a response of ‘yes’ or ‘no‘.

apparently for some, our efforts to live and love with the same counter-cultural, unconditional love jesus did and does – for all people – are confusing.

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‘we do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.’ — richard rohr

just wonder(ing).

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what would it look like if rather than focusing on an us/them mentality, harping on what ‘sins’ exist ‘out there’ we each focused on how we ourselves could better find and follow christ in our every interaction?

what would it look like to celebrate the fingerprint of God – the imago dei – in each person we encounter, regardless of our differences or their perspective?

what would it look like to mirror the solidarity with the Other – the disenfranchised, marginalized and oppressed in our communities that we see evidenced in God’s incarnation?

what if, rather than declaring things seen in others as sinful, i recognized the areas in my own life where i fall short, and was encouraged and inspired by my community to get back up and try again?

i am convinced if this is how we began to approach worship within our faith communities (as well as our liturgy, our structures and systems for membership, service and doctrine, et cetera), we would quite possibly turn things upside down.

and we’d be closer to what christ envisioned for his church than we are right now.

what do you think?


is it just me?

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you may have heard about this.

during the always entertaining Grammy Award ceremony, the loudest performance was not Katy Perry being accused of doing actual witchcraft on stage, nor Pink doing her typical yet impressive ribbon dancing performance or even the power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z opening the show with a ridiculously risqúe duet with lyrics that act as a modern day song of solomon; rather, it was quadruple Grammy winners Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performing their breakout hit ‘Same Love’ – an anthem for same sex marriage advocates – as Queen Latifah joined them and Mary Lambart (and eventually Madonna) on stage to legally perform 33 weddings  – gay, straight and interracial – simultaneously as part of the performance.

 enter the outrage.

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happy birthday, facebook.

the social media mogul turns 10 this week – and TIME magazine has provided a handy tech tool for us all to see just how much time we’ve wasted on the network since its conception in a dorm room on february 4, 2004  by mark zuckerberg and a few friends.

this handy little Facebook Time Machine calculates just how much time you’ve spent on writing on walls, liking pages and uploading photos with your ‘friends’.

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pastors – you are not responsible for what people in your pews believe; but you are responsible for what messages they hear from your pulpit.

hey, youth pastors.

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in what feels like a former life, i used to be a high school youth pastor – and while i can’t say it was a great fit, i must admit i sure did learn a lot while studying at my alma mater to become one.

since those days at moody bible institute, i’ve also learned that a lot of what they taught me in bible college about theology and students and ministry principles based on research and a culture born out of the ’60s and ’70s didn’t work all that well when i was engaging with students born in the 21st century.
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‘what makes the gospel offensive is not who it leaves OUT;
what makes the gospel offensive is who it lets IN.’


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i’m not really a fan of tumblr.

i have one, which i rarely check and even more rarely use. i suppose for some it’s a great blogging platform; but for me, i’ll stick with wordpress.

i just cant get on the tumblr train. it feels too much like an app, and seems to be designed more for images than text (if i see another .GIF image about harry potter or marvel comics my head might just explode). besides, i think i’d prefer to let folks comment without having to sign-up. feels a bit too much like church membership to me (a subject i’m bound to get myself in trouble with in my book).

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did you know?

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fun fact ::

in the four gospels, jesus crosses both cultural and religious boundaries repeatedly – over 45 separate examples – in an effort to stand in solidarity with the Other.

that’s a lot of examples. perhaps even too many to ignore.

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