be humanized.

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growing up in a private christian school, my classes were a little skewed toward the perspective of evangelical christianity. in biology class i didn’t learn about the ‘theory of evolution’ because we had the truth of God’s word to tell us exactly how the earth was created.

in six literal days.

we also learned in ‘marriage and family’ class that it was best if a woman stayed at home to be a mother rather than pursuing a career; in ‘understanding the times’ we learned how wrong other religions were and were tested on our ability to debunk their ludicrous claims (unlike our own faith’s claims, which we were expected to accept in faith and defend); and in our ‘senior seminar’ we actually learned about the evils of rock and roll by watching a movie called ‘Hell’s Bells :: the danger of rock and roll.’

i think the same people made this video about beyoncé.

but i digress.

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reversing exclusion.

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yesterday morning, red letter christians posted an article i submitted to them entitled, ‘Reversing Exclusion of the Other.’

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‘peacefulness and productivity never come from a defensive state.’
– andrew marin

re :: text.

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every once in awhile (and with ever-increasing-frequency) i receive calls, emails or texts from folks who’d like me to clarify my position – or the position of The Marin Foundation – on hot-topic-conversation-starters surrounding the LGBT and conservative communities.

earlier this morning, a friend was listening to my LIVE radio interview from last night on the Frank Pastore Show (which you can hear here – beginning at 15:45 after the download).

as she listened, she wrote ::

‘So, I’m listening to that interview you just did and… I mostly agree but it seems like, it’s really important that the LGBTQ community knows it’s affirmed and loved and I really don’t know how Christians can do that while believing being gay is sin (I think there’s a question in there but I don’t know how to word it)’

welcome to my world.

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gut check (part ii).

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a gut check for my progressive friends

(a follow up post from this one) ::

your voices are loud, growing in an ever increasing cacophony calling for inclusion, equality, justice, tolerance and acceptance.

you rightly demand the right to believe in an understanding of God unhindered by cultural mandates of 2000 + years ago, and instead desire to contextualize a message of love and unconditional inclusion for all.

but does your ‘all’ include everybody?

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rob bell asks,

is God like an oldsmobile?

for awhile, oldsmobiles were not only reliable vehicles, but the coveted method of transportation; full of technological advances that fit their time.

but they don’t make oldsmobiles anymore.

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over the past couple of weeks, in addition to investing in relationships with real people, i’ve also made it a point to dedicate some time each day to watching documentaries – on the history of the gay rights movement, the plight of LGBT people and the church, so-called ‘ex-gay’ reparative therapy and others.

here are just a few titles i found challenging, inspiring, informative or helpful (the majority of these can be seen for free on netflix) :: Continue Reading…

gut check.

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a gut check for my conservative friends ::

what would you do if you saw a hindu in heaven?

a muslim?

an athiest?

an LGBT person?

what would your initial, natural response be?

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job opening.

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this rather funny and informative video (initially seen here) describes not only how to become pope, but also subtly highlights the need for institutional reform in the roman catholic church. Continue Reading…

why jesus died.

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i’m not exactly sure why tony decided to don the fedora, but he looks better in it than i do.

yes, i’m jealous.

i’ve been wanting to get myself a fedora ever since i heard justin timberlake was coming to chicago in concert – with jay z – this summer.

i’m going to go see him.

but i won’t wear the fedora. it’s just not me.

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