level ground.

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sometimes, being a peacemaker can get lonely.

while many others carve paths forward emboldening a preferred perspective – whether conservative or progressive – creating spaces at the intersections between those two communities isn’t an easy road.

some might say it’s even a narrow path.

yet recently, in our work at The Marin Foundation, we came across new faces and became fast friends with the hearts and minds behind  Level Ground. as members of our team met with chelsea and samantha, it was evident that we’d found kindred spirits – interested in using their unique gifts, talents, education, passions and abilities toward creating safe and sacred spaces for individuals to more peacefully and more productively navigate the tension filled spaces found in the cultural disconnect at the intersection of faith, gender and sexuality.
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a note.

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as i’ve settled into my work and role at The Marin Foundation in the past few months, i’ve become increasingly aware of the growing recognition of our unique expertise at the intersection of faith and sexuality.

in addition to my own speaking and writing, The Marin Foundation works in consultancy capacities with dozens of major research and christian universities, hundreds of churches and non-profits, various branches of our federal government, and an ever-increasing number of national and international media outlets, per year.

our founder and president, andrew marin, has been a special advisor to the UN since 2010 and our own government since 2009.

in recent weeks, additional numbers of christian colleges and universities have expressed interest in engaging in dialogue with us – both on and off the record. certainly, some are initially skeptical of our position and posture as a bridge building organization, but a growing understanding of the importance and effective nature of our work and philosophy continues to open doors and point toward the path of actual reconciliation (not demanded conversion) between opposing world views.

as with any organization positioned in the midst of a controversial conversation, we receive our fair share of less-than-friendly notes (most often in the form of 140 characters or less). sometimes phone calls carry the voice of threats and disapproval into our usually safe office space. blog comments, emails and facebook messages have so much become  a regular part of my day that i’m rarely thrown off by what is said to or about me or our organization.

but occasionally, comments stand out – such as this one ::

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what can the church learn from a beer commercial?

not many words are spoken in this commercial for this tasty ole’ irish beverage – and yet it’s message is both poignant and profound.

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if anyone has the answers to all the questions – that is the proof that God is not with him. it means that he is a false prophet, using religion for himself.

–pope francis


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oh, what a wicked web we weave.

these days, it’s nearly common knowledge that our so-called secular society most often describes american evangelical christians as being ‘anti-gay,’ ‘judgmental’ and ‘hypocritical.’ 91% of non-christians FIRST identify the word ‘christian’ with ‘anti-homosexual.’ 80% of young christians feel the same way.

that’s not good news.

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christ was defined by ::
rejecting the status quo,
upsetting religious norms,
rejecting dogmatic hypocrisy
and loving all.

how are we defined?

graphic images.

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the incredible website unworthy.com has gone and done it again.

several times on any given week, i find myself clicking on a link to their videos, triggered by some catchy comment or pithy prose. today’s was this ::

9 out of 10 americans are completely wrong
about this mind-blowing fact

who wouldn’t want to click on that?

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what you said,
what you meant to say, and
what was perceived
to have been said
are three different things.

this pope is a sinner.

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this is significant.

from the start, there was an air of excitement surrounding this pope – even the pontiff’s chosen name, never before used by any pope in the history of the church – pope francis – beckoned back to a celebrated hero of the christian faith and a gentle revolutionary, st. francis of assisi.

many have been optimistic that this formal cardinal of argentina would kick some spiritual tail and bring about much needed reform within the catholic church’s hierarchy. in recent years, the vatican has been plagued with scandal and allegations and is in desperate need of renewal – and many believe francis is the guy to bring about those changes.

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(good) gracious.

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i’ve contemplated writing this post for about a week.

as someone who is positioned as a bridge-builder between opposing world views – as someone who claims to follow jesus and is about the business of reconciliation and peacemaking – i am acutely aware of the importance of the words i choose.

because words matter.

yet it is precisely because words matter that it is incumbent upon me to write this post.

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