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during our next blog series, we’ll be taking a look at what many have called ‘the lord’s prayer.’

as we go line-by-line through this example prayer of jesus, it is my intent to reveal that jesus molded a prayer that is not bent toward manipulating God to do our will, but rather a posture of prayer which encourages US aligning OUR will with God’s. 

contrary to many of the prayers we espouse today, christ seemed more concerned with our own posture than with changing God’s posture.

many bloggers and friends of mine have, in recent months, discussed prayer. rachel held evans posted some thoughts on structured prayer just yesterday. tony jones has been one of the primary resources for my recent thinking through why we pray – the result of this post he wrote in march of 2011. these and other helpful resources have been instrumental in resurrecting thoughtful conversation surrounding prayer.

this conversation is needed, because many of our prayers are hollow. theologically uninformed. misdirected.

we need to become more educated in prayer. Continue Reading…

our father.

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over the past year, my understanding and theology of prayer have shifted – not dramatically, but enough to cause me to spend a good amount of time reflecting on the change.

the shift took place as a result of ‘the lord’s prayer.’

one day, jesus was praying in a particular place. after he had finished, one of his disciples said to him, ‘teach us how to pray.‘ it makes sense, really – there was an obvious connection that jesus had to YHVH, and the disciples recognized this. the way in which the son and the father communicated was not like the common verbose prayers of the religious elite, nor was it like anything they had been taught in the synagogue or the home.

jesus prayed differently.

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justice without reconciliation is dangerous.

it merely reverses the cycle of violence and oppression,
turning the oppressors into the oppressed
and the oppressed into the oppressors.


words matter.

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yesterday, i wrestled with my emotions.

a lot.

eventually, i’d calmed down enough to casually tweet about my reflections on the response of certain evangelical leaders back when the newtown tragedy occurred in an effort to divulge my demeanor.

at the time i wrote,

‘my blood pressure rises, and i have to quite consciously resist the urge to tweet and comment and lay out a slew of expletives distancing myself from this insanity and demanding its marginalization… i want to call out the dangerous and damning theology i find more hurtful than it is helpful.

but how can i do so in a peaceful and productive way?’

i had similar sentiments  yesterday when i saw numerous, equally ludicrous responses to the horrific destruction caused by a series of tornadoes in oklahoma. the one that initially sent me in to orbit was this gem from john piper, reminding folks that the story of a supernatural twister has been woven before in ancient hebrew literature – devastation devised at the hands of the divine, for a purpose far greater than ourselves.


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see if these words resonate ::

‘[There] is a way of living that is able to short-circuit the present social, spiritual, or political order, something that we witness at a political level in the life of Mother Teresa, who no more protested against the caste system in Calcutta than she affirmed it. She simply lived in a different reality. She lived as though it did not exist, helping all who came to her regardless of their social class. This act of living the not-yet state of equality as if it already existed in the now is the truly political act, an act that directly confronts unjust systems by ignoring them and living into a different reality.’

–peter rollins

what do you think?


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this week on a recent blog post, a regular reader went back and read my theological essentials i’d posted last year. in his response, he and i engaged in a little back-and-forth concerning the exclusivity of christ. in order to to preemptively avoid the john 14:6 conversation (in which we often misinterpret the verse to mean that jesus acts as the bouncer of heaven), i had suggested he take a look at the context of that passage.

in his reply, the reader asked ::

Does that make me a heretic, Michael, for believing that Jesus is the only way to salvation?

here’s part of my response ::

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sometimes, i wish you could read some of my emails.

i recently received the following excerpt in a series of messages ::

‘The Bible warns us about people like you, thank God. You really should be ashamed of yourself the way you go on. It’s sad that there are genuine people out there who are called by God to SERVE others and give Him the glory. And then there are phonies who deceive others and give us a bad name by providing disgusting displays of false humility thinking only of themselves in vain and self interested ways. How do you live with yourself?

it continued,

‘I wasn’t even going to say anything because it won’t do any good – but I just get sick when I think of people in your position who have no business giving the church black eye after black eye.’

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gear shift

this morning i was scrolling through my twitter feed, looking for nothing in particular – yet keeping my eyes open for interesting links or entertaining one-liners.

then i saw this.


as ed points out on his blog, in the wake of the boston marathon bombings, the connection between radical islam and terrorism is once again making headlines. the misconception that islam is somehow a particularly violent religion has again resurfaced.

unfortunately, it appears nearly half of protestant pastors agree.

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one of my more provocative posts previously explored the ramifications of one of the most under utilized passages in all of scripture ::

‘and the veil of the temple was torn in two – from top to bottom.

in this tearing of the veil which separated the holy of holies from the rest of the world, the barriers between what was holy and what was common – the sacred and the profane – were broken completely. this served as a culmination of the very act of the incarnation of jesus the word made flesh – God in the form of an infant again made intimate with his creation as he had intended from the beginning.

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the following post comes is an excerpt of a response in the comment section of this blog post ::

one reason jesus had so much credibility with ‘regular’ people (and was simultaneously feared and despised by the religious elite) was that he didn’t spend all of his time cooped up in the temple and the synagogues; rather, he went out amongst the people – in proximity to and relationship with the very folks who were not allowed to be considered ‘in’ under jewish custom and religious law.

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