the lifestyle.

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spoiler alert :: there isn’t one.

prior to coming to The Marin Foundation, i had the privilege of pastoring a college-aged group of a diverse and eclectic assortment of individuals that made up our best attempt at a christ-centered community.

our meetings served as a safe and sacred place to ask questions, challenge beliefs and explore what it looks like to follow the teachings of jesus in the context of an increasingly pluralistic and post-modern world – where many of their peers (and even many of them) had grown skeptical of the christian faith they’d inherited from their parents and were suspicious of institutionalized, organized religion.

and though they shared many things in common,

there was no ‘college lifestyle.’

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pizza face.

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the following post was originally written for The Marin Foundation blog at and can be read here.

i’m not crazy about baseball. i never have been.

yet living in chicago, just blocks away from wrigley field, means that i’m bound to become a cubs fan. working with andrew at The Marin Foundation makes this transition all the more likely, as his support of the cubbies borders on obsession.

in an effort to embrace my pending inevitable affection for america’s favorite pastime, i went with andrew to an opening series game against the milwaukee brewers. we sat in the bleachers out in left center field, hoping to catch anything that screamed past the wall.

‘all you need to know is if you catch a home run hit by the brewers, throw it back.‘ a friend said. easy enough.

i must admit the atmosphere was indeed incredible. smells of hot dogs, nachos and beer filled the nighttime air. the roar of the crowd at each crack of the bat was reminiscent of something out of baseball films like ‘The Natural’ or ‘Field of Dreams.‘ every play was analyzed by the faithful, desperate to snap a 104 year long championship drought.

maybe this year.

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what is that to you?

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there’s a story in the gospels that recounts a conversation between the resurrected jesus and his disciples.

the risen messiah had just cooked up breakfast on the beach for his followers who had turned back to a life of fishing in absence of direction from their rabbi.

it was his third appearance to the faithful since his crucifixion, and it seemed they were gradually becoming more comfortable with his concept of kingdom. with each encounter, the puzzle pieces of previous teaching fit together better.

things were beginning to make sense.

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i was recently approached by a young, up-and-comning blogger and author who has built a large readership base predominately with conservative evangelicals.

how,’ he asked, ‘can i transition to a base with more progressive thinkers – like myself?

the poor lad thinks i know the answer.

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M, W, F.

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you may have noticed it’s been a few days since i’ve written.

or maybe you haven’t.

either way, it’s the truth.

i’ve been slacking on the blog posts.

this is not to say that i’ve been slacking – quite the contrary, actually. the past few weeks have been filled-to-the-brim with phenomenal phone calls, meetings, texts, emails, skype dates and coffee-infused conversations as i’ve inhabited the tension filled spaces that exist in the realm of my new role as the associate director at The Marin Foundation.

and i love it.

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i’ve not lost my mind, i promise.

i’m not out to lead people away from truth or drag folks into hell; i’m not an apostate committed to destroying the name of christ; i’ve not neglected the teachings of jesus for a watered down version of the gospel (all of which i’ve been accused in the past 24 hours).

i’m actually pretty orthodox (contrary to popular belief and folklore). boring, even.

but i am a heretic.

i affirm a high view of scripture – its authenticity, relevance and authority – but i’m concerned with the ways in which those within the christian faith have habitually (mis)used scripture to promote an agenda that is different from the good news of jesus – sometimes with even the best of intentions.

other times, not.

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why not answer?

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it strikes me as odd that in an increasingly pluralistic and post-modern society, there is still a seeming addiction to closed-ended, one-word, YES or NO answers that sum up an entire worldview and perspective that tells me if you’re one of ‘us’ or one of ‘them’ – if i can trust you or if i should despise you, if you’re for me or against me — and all that i stand for.

i’ve written about that herehere and here  and The Marin Foundation has written about the reasons we avoid engaging in the polarizing, back-and-forth rhetoric responses repeatedly – and yet once again andrew and The Marin Foundation has been placed onto the chopping block – a place we’re growing increasingly accustomed to and comfortable with – from both sides of the conversation.

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good reminder.

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blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

editing the gospel.

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imagine if jesus refused to engage with those whose beliefs were different than his own, or worried about risking his standing in religious culture more than caring for the Other.

imagine if he concerned himself with being misunderstood by the first century israeli paparazzi and therefore excused himself from places and faces that might affect his ‘holy’ image and reputation.

we might have to edit out a few stories in the gospels.

like, all of them.

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‘if you want to know what i think, then watch how i live.’
— john m. perkins