God loves uganda.

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recently, The Marin Foundation announced that for our upcoming Living In The Tension gathering, we’d be hosting a screening of the as-yet-unreleased documentary film, God Loves Uganda.

within hours of that announcement, my inbox was blinking with emails from concerned folks who had read this article from a popular online christian magazine, which expressed some reservations about the film’s portrayal of evangelical christians.

some were worried that in showing the film, The Marin Foundation would unintentionally ‘polarize non-christians against believers,’ urging us to do ‘further investigation before [we] endorse this film.’

here is what i wrote in response ::

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today, we remember.

may we remember the indecencies and atrocities committed under a false understanding of our shared humanity in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them.’

may we remember the bigger mystery of God – that we are all his children and that YHVH desires for us all a path of peace.

may we remember the teachings of jesus, who was appropriately called the prince of peace.

may we remember that common ‘knowledge’ about islam often stems from some misquoted and badly translated verses, taken out of context.

imagine that.

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‘i came to a point where i had to learn to live and love beyond my theology.’
— evangelical pastor, whose son came out to him as gay

continuing education classes.

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at The Marin Foundation, we continually work to build bridges between the LGBT community and the church. we do this primarily through scientific research, biblical and social education and diverse community gatherings, which we call Living In The Tension.

we are honored to present the fall dates and registration for The Marin Foundation’s innovative series of continuing education classes, Culture War Curriculum. whether you are a  pastor, a parent, a youth worker, an LGBT person, a professor, or someone who is simply interested in further learning how to elevate this conversation, these classes are right up your alley.

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dirt matters.

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for those who’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know that over recent years i found a faith community unlike any other i’d previously been a part of. tucked away in peoria, il is a place where i found redemption, restoration, friendship and grace. richwoods christian church served as an oasis to my soul during a desert of disappointment in my previous church experiences.

now, my friend  jim powell has written a book – Dirt Matters – and describes what values he found essential in the journey of creating a healthy culture within this congregation over the past 16 years as their lead pastor. while many church leaders focus on what is external and visible above the surface, jim candidly digs deep into the soil of what creates and dictates the DNA of a church’s culture. the size of the church doesn’t matter, but the culture within it does. Dirt Matters will show you what ‘church culture’ is, the role it plays and how to improve  it.

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on syria.

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onsyria<click here to enlarge image>

my last blog post lamented the attention paid to miley cyrus twerking at the VMAs in light of the relative collective cultural ignorance of other topics which have far greater importance.

one example i gave was the situation in syria – whose plight as a people garnered more international and domestic attention toward the end of the week due to some parliamentary discussions in the UK and a rose garden speech by president obama here in the US.

we’ll talk about why we’re all of a sudden concerned – and why that concerns me – in a post later this week.

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over the past few days, there’s been an inordinate amount of online ruckus regarding miley cyrus and her VMA performance. the formerly innocent ‘hannah montana’ persona miley once held took yet another hit in her performance, embedded below from MTV, which included twerks, tongue and teddy bears.

and the internet exploded.

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‘people who know how to creatively break the rules also know why the rules were there in the first place.’
— richard rohr

GAG me.

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yesterday, there was a bit of an online uproar on this post from The Gospel Coalition in which contributor thabiti anyabwile uses the argument that christians and society should be grossed out by homosexuality and gay marriage.

i’m not making this up. that’s quite literally the point of the post.

the author invokes countless scare quotes around the very concept of homosexuality.

in one portion, he writes –

“Gay” and “homosexual” are polite terms for an ugly practice. They are euphemisms. In all politeness, we’ve actually stopped talking about the things that lie at the heart of the issue — sexual promiscuity of an abominable sort…

and after citing the ‘yuck factor’ and using self-described ‘obscene descriptions’ of sex acts (the details of which would make just about anybody blush) he continues,

That sense of moral outrage you’re now likely feeling…that gut-wrenching, jaw-clenching, hand-over-your-mouth “I feel dirty” moral outrage is the gag reflex.

in the interest of full disclosure, i don’t know thabiti anyabwile. i can’t recall ever reading a thing he’s previously written and had never heard of him before yesterday. and i doubt he’s heard of me or read anything i’ve written.

but i hope he – and The Gospel Coalition – reads this.

his article attempts to elicit and steer feelings of revulsion and disgust toward LGBT people. he purposefully seeks to criticize, marginalize, ostracize and dehumanize.

and that. is. unchristlike.

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imagine the scene :: jesus had just finished what is now his best known teaching – the sermon on the mount – a practical manifesto for this new Way. the dry heat of the galilean sun beat down on the son of man as he and the disciples descended the mountain. the amazed crowds follow through the dust kicked up by this rogue rabbi who taught differently than the others – this one spoke like he actually knew what he was talking about.

he had just touched on nearly everything, and their heads must have been spinning as they tried to make sense of it all – the benefits of living for an unseen kingdom; how to pray with meaning; turning the law of moses on its head and replacing its rigidity with a law of love.

who was this guy, anyway?!?

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