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perhaps one of the most under-utilized passages in all of scripture is found in mark 15:38 ::

‘and the veil of the temple was torn in two – from top to bottom.’

it seems no matter how hard we try to force the life and teachings of jesus into the boxes of us/them || yes/no|| win/lose || in/out , they always seem to – forgive the word – emerge beyond those borders and break out of the boundaries we’ve attempted to force them into. the barriers keep collapsing.

as we follow God in the way of jesus, we continually find ourselves forced out of the comfort zone of ‘us’ and into community with ‘them.’

living incarnationally in these tension-filled spaces, in intentional pursuit of that which is disconnected, we are continually forced to confront our prejudices and intolerance of ‘the Other.’

this so-called Other could be defined as anyone on the ‘outside’ :: any deemed ‘not one of us’, belonging to a differing group, gender, orientation, party, community, religion, race, culture or creed.

we love having Others. it gives us an identity. something – or even someone – to be against.

yet a christian faith without commitment to the Other is really not christian at at all, because christ was committed to the Other.

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RIP, rob bell.

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some evangelicals are now not only saying, ‘farewell, rob bell’ but actually declaring him dead to evangelicalism.

RIP, rob bell.

as if the ‘love wins’ controversy wasn’t enough, in the first week of his new book’s release (which i read yesterday on my flight from orlando, and recommend), rob did what most of us do – had a Q and A.

and after what one person reported from a Q and A session last night in san francisco, it appears this morning that rob bell came out in support of gay marriage (i first saw the story from tony jones).

rob said,

‘I am for marriage. I am for fidelity. I am for love, whether it’s a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, a man and a man. I think the ship has sailed and I think the church needs – I think this is the world we are living in and we need to affirm people wherever they are.’

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tonight i’ll be meeting with the metro youth network on behalf of The Marin Foundation to explore what it means to build bridges between the LGBT community and the church. we’ll be speaking with them about what it looks like to follow jesus into the culturally, politically and religiously difficult spaces as a bridge builder committed to reconciliation.

‘the unity of diversity first starts with an identity found in commitment to solidarity with the Other.’

i’m looking forward to sharing a bit about my own journey and how i got involved in the conversation, as well as us looking together at jesus’ example of standing in solidarity with the Other throughout the gospels.

i love my job.


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so… we have a new pope.

out with the old, in with the new.

er, unless it’s more of the same.

there’s excitement surrounding the new pontiff’s chosen name – pope francis the first – beckoning back to a hero of the christian faith and gentle revolutionary, st. francis of assisi who – according to catholic tradition – heard a voice saying,

‘Go and rebuild my Church, which you can see has fallen into ruin.’

some are optimistic that the new red shoes in the vatican will kick some spiritual tail and bring about much needed reform within the catholic hierarchy – it’s been plagued with scandal and allegations, most recently in the italian press release of the paradoxical juxtaposition of its housing an anti-gay cardinal in the same building as europe’s largest gay bathhouse.

cardinal dias reportedly lives in a swank 12 bedroom apartment just one floor above the Europa Multiclub gay sauna, while simultaneously reviling homosexuality in statements calling it ‘unnatural‘ and arguing that gays need to (and can be) ‘cured.’

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be humanized.

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growing up in a private christian school, my classes were a little skewed toward the perspective of evangelical christianity. in biology class i didn’t learn about the ‘theory of evolution’ because we had the truth of God’s word to tell us exactly how the earth was created.

in six literal days.

we also learned in ‘marriage and family’ class that it was best if a woman stayed at home to be a mother rather than pursuing a career; in ‘understanding the times’ we learned how wrong other religions were and were tested on our ability to debunk their ludicrous claims (unlike our own faith’s claims, which we were expected to accept in faith and defend); and in our ‘senior seminar’ we actually learned about the evils of rock and roll by watching a movie called ‘Hell’s Bells :: the danger of rock and roll.’

i think the same people made this video about beyoncé.

but i digress.

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reversing exclusion.

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yesterday morning, red letter christians posted an article i submitted to them entitled, ‘Reversing Exclusion of the Other.’

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‘peacefulness and productivity never come from a defensive state.’
— andrew marin

re :: text.

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every once in awhile (and with ever-increasing-frequency) i receive calls, emails or texts from folks who’d like me to clarify my position – or the position of The Marin Foundation – on hot-topic-conversation-starters surrounding the LGBT and conservative communities.

earlier this morning, a friend was listening to my LIVE radio interview from last night on the Frank Pastore Show (which you can hear here – beginning at 15:45 after the download).

as she listened, she wrote ::

‘So, I’m listening to that interview you just did and… I mostly agree but it seems like, it’s really important that the LGBTQ community knows it’s affirmed and loved and I really don’t know how Christians can do that while believing being gay is sin (I think there’s a question in there but I don’t know how to word it)’

welcome to my world.

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gut check (part ii).

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a gut check for my progressive friends

(a follow up post from this one) ::

your voices are loud, growing in an ever increasing cacophony calling for inclusion, equality, justice, tolerance and acceptance.

you rightly demand the right to believe in an understanding of God unhindered by cultural mandates of 2000 + years ago, and instead desire to contextualize a message of love and unconditional inclusion for all.

but does your ‘all’ include everybody?

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rob bell asks,

is God like an oldsmobile?

for awhile, oldsmobiles were not only reliable vehicles, but the coveted method of transportation; full of technological advances that fit their time.

but they don’t make oldsmobiles anymore.

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