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‘regardless of the diverse theological views of our religious traditions regarding the morality of homosexuality, the criminalization of homosexuality, along with the violence and discrimination against LGBT people that inevitably follows, is incompatible with the teachings of our faith.’

that line is from the open letter sent on behalf of LGBT ugandans by 46 american christian leaders – including tony campolo, brian mclaren and andrew marin, among others.

in uganda, a proposed anti-homosexuality bill in its current version still includes the possibility of the death penalty in certain cases, and would criminalize any speech or actions the government might deem too positive about LGBT people. i was made aware of the contents of the letter written july 24 via dr. warren throckmorton.

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turn here.

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i’m what you might call ‘directionally challenged.’

i get it from my mother.  the woman could get lost in even the most familiar territory – all it would take is one, simple detour.  regardless of how many times we’d been down that road, no matter how clearly marked the signs were, we would end up getting side-tracked and derailed from our initial destination.  often times, we’d be more than fashionably late.

it seems i’ve inherited her lack of an internal compass, which is one reason i’m grateful for technological advances in recent years. GPS on your phone. Google Maps, Mapquest.  iPhone apps are my friend.

no matter the final destination, these modifications in navigation and orientation have increased anyone’s ability to ‘get there.’  enter a starting point, enter an end point, and follow the directions turn-for-turn.

but that’s not how life works.

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muppet madness.

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it would appear that just about everyone has an opinion on Chick-fil-A.  while an understandable question would be, ‘do you like their chicken?‘ it seems that now the question is whether or not you’ll be completely boycotting them.  from the maker of The Muppets to the mayor of beantown, the list of folks cutting ties with the chicken chain is growing.

last week, Chick-fil-A president dan cathy made comments in an interview with the baptist press that have brought some attention from groups advocating equal rights for same sex couples. ‘guilty as charged,’ he said in the interview when asked about Chick-fil-A’s backing of families led by a man and a woman. newsy politics picked up on the interview and made this video. Continue Reading…

> right.

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the following blog post is another of our bridges discussion series here at the WayWard follower. the purpose of our bridges series is to generate discussion amongst guest authors and our collective readers — to serve as a forum of elevated dialogue and constructive conversation between groups that may have different perspectives on important issues to the church. 

this post in our bridges discussion series comes from tarl hutchens, an arm chair theologian with a passion for writing, teaching and craft beers. He lives in Winston Salem, NC with his beautiful wife, Stephanie, and their dog and cat.

> right.

What is wrong with you people?

…You people being me, you, and the Church as a whole.

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[trigger warning :: rape, sexual abuse]

as i write this, i just wrapped up two talks at my church. i chatted about jesus throwing a temple tantrum to a group of high schoolers. i told some stories about the messiah, threw a table, and then wrapped up my evening facilitating a conversation with some 30 or 40 college students about hell.

the end result of that chat was that barney may be either the beast or the anti-christ (that’s a joke, folks — you can laugh), the lake of fire is either bright and very hot or very dark and cold, and we’re not quite certain how best to give a visual representation of this very real space. the group of students have been influenced by everyone from rob bell to jonathan edwards to dante and their parents, so the conversation was…diverse.

respectful, but diverse.

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rob bell is back.

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well, technically, he never went anywhere.  well…actually…he went to california.

brought to my attention through todd rhoades and the american jesus, publisher harper collins has released a new rob bell video entitled, ‘rediscovering wonder’ in conjunction with the release of the paperback version of love wins.

interestingly, this video dovetails quite nicely with a conversation i had with friends yesterday – about orthodoxy, heresy, doctrine and love.

taste and see… what do you think about this clip?


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i like combining #8 and #11.

what about you?  what are your favorite ways to stay creative?

broad strokes.

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God’s spirit moves in and around and through all sorts of communities.

through yours, through mine. despite our differences in theology – despite the areas we may disagree – God still moves. he’s up to something in each of our spaces – in our families and in our friendships. in our churches and in our communities. God is on the move.

there are some, myself included, whom are tempted at times to declare that whole groups of people – entire communities of faith – are missing it; that somehow, because they don’t see things the way i do, i can easily and casually disbelieve that God is moving among them. through them. in them.

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if the whole ‘gay vs. christians’ debate gets under your skin, maybe you should skip this one.

or maybe you shouldn’t.

on friday, i wrote about how paul burkhart had written some helpful commentary – a rare thing online these days - on the recent renewed online chatter concerning homosexuality and christianity.  more specifically, paul discusses gay reparative therapy and its decreasing popularity, highlighted most recently by exodus international distancing itself from ‘curing’ gay people, a subject on which i’ve written previously. his is ‘a clear, balanced and transparent voice in the midst of this conversation where so many others are simply shouting past one another.’

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earlier this week, my friend christian piatt wrote a piece entitled ‘ten chilchés christians should never use.’

tony campolo, who first  featured the post on his RLC site, tweeted ::

‘while i don’t agree with all, it’s good to discuss…’ with a link to the post. and while i don’t necessary agree with everything that christian piatt (or anyone else, for that matter) writes either, i have to admit i do think this is excellent fodder for conversation.
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