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The phrase ‘What would Jesus do?’ (often abbreviated to WWJD) became increasingly popular in the 1990s and many Evangelical Christians used this phrase as a reminder of their belief in a moral imperative to act like him, often wearing bracelets to remind them to consider that question in the midst of their daily decision making.

But as my friend is fond of saying, many of us make assumptions as to what Jesus would actually do based on our accepted method of engagement some 2,000 years removed from Christ, rather than spending time studying and pouring over the record available to us in the gospels to see what he actually did

This is why Joel will stop conversations, whip out his beat up bible, and diligently search the pages of the New Testament. He is committed to finding out what Jesus actually did do, and instructing his own words and behavior accordingly.

His commitment to this task inspires me – and it’s a habit I’ve attempted to implement in my own life – daily spending time in the gospels, looking at the life of Jesus and patterning my own actions in response.

As I’ve done so, I’ve solidified an under-preached truth ::

Jesus upset the cultural norms for the purpose of standing in solidarity with the Other.

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there’s something under the surface…and it’s BIG.

most people know some variation of this version of the gospel story ::

• God is holy.
• we aren’t,
• and that’s bad news.

 but then,

• jesus came.
• he makes us holy,
• and that’s good news.

the end.

but here’s the thing :: that’s NOT the end.

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ever wish you could take back what you said? what you did?

yesterday the interwebs was abuzz with news of the lutheran pastor whose apology for taking part in the sandy hook interfaith memorial service generated some controversy.

if you’re not yet familiar with this story, click here.

the hullaballoo came due to the lutheran church-missouri synod (LCMS) president writing a letter to one of their pastors involved in the memorial service demanding an apology from him for his ‘joint worship with other religions.’


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generously orthodox?

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three quotes from the conclusion of brian mclaren’s a Generous Orthodoxy :: Why I am a missional + evangelical + post/protestant + liberal/conservative + mystical/poetic + biblical + charismatic/contemplative + fundamentalist/calvinist + anabaptist/anglican + methodist + catholic + green + incarnational + depressed-yet-hopeful + emergent + unfinished Christian (which you can purchase here if you haven’t already read it) ::

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the passover was near… a time when God’s spirit hovering over his people was palpable, resurrecting memories of the first moments of creation, and the deliverance that followed in the story of the great exodus.

the days leading up to the feast always brought a bittersweet mixture of trepidation and rigidity. in order to participate in the commemoration of their liberation from egyptian slavery and bondage, one had to ensure their entire household was free of any impurity. even the cracks of the floor were scrubbed to rid the house of חמץ (chametz) – and anything made with chametz was either consumed or thrown out and burned prior to the passover seder.

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yesterday’s post
generated some discussion around social media circles and in some parts of the blogosphere. on RLC, where the article was picked up and shared, i believe i was accused of projecting myself as a ‘Super Christian,’ denying God’s omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience, his sovereignty, and wasting people’s time as a heretic.

i just shook my head and smiled.

meanwhile, back here at the WayWard follower, a friend posted the following video in the comments section, which i’m passing along as today’s blog post (along with the song’s lyrics, found below). it’s message is timeless, much needed and inviting (the animation is delightful, as well).

this is the good news.

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bad theology.

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earlier this week, the daily mail reported that one in four americans believes that God ‘plays a role in determining which team wins’ at sporting events.

additionally, more than half of americans believe God ‘rewards athletes who have faith with good health and success,’ as researched by a recent poll performed by the Public Religion Research Institute.

<insert divinely inspired facepalm here>

last night after their super bowl win, ray lewis of the baltimore ravens made two (perhaps) well-intentioned yet theologically inept statements ::

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be you.

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a classic rabbinical story tells of the great rabbi zarusa, who lay upon his deathbed at the end of an extraordinary life – yet he was agitated, and greatly disturbed.

his students, who surrounded his bedside as he took his final breaths, in a confused attempt to console him asked, ‘rabbi – why are you so sad? after all the great things you have accomplished, your place in heaven is assured!

‘i am afraid!’ zarusa replied. ‘when i get to heaven, God won’t ask me, ‘why weren’t you more like moses?’ or ‘why weren’t you more like king david?’

he’ll ask me, ‘zarusa – why weren’t you more like zarusa?‘ and then what will i say!?!

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fear factor.

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which do you think frightens us more ::

• fear of what we don’t know and understand? OR

• fear of losing what we already do know and understand?

what do you think?

don’t tell anyone.

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jesus and the twelve had made the 25 mile trek off the shores of the sea of galilee, and stopped to rest outside the district of caesarea. they sat along the fallen rocks on the side of the dust-filled road, their cloaks musty with the sweat of travel.

amidst their discussion and reminiscing of the miraculous discovery of the bushelfuls filled with bread to feed the crowds in previous towns, hunger had crept in. lucky for them, the sons of zebedee had purchased an ample supply of figs for the journey.

sitting in a circle under the nearly setting sun, they ate and laughed together.

jesus, always one to turn the discussion toward something significant, asked his disciples ::

who do people say i am?

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