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more than 706,000 people helped june become the best fundraising month of the presidential campaign thus far.  all told, the obama campaign, along with the democratic party ended june with $71 million to put to work towards the election.

$71 million.

the GOP was not to be outdone, however, and in the same month mitt romney and the republican party brought in more than $106 million to boot obama from office.

$106 million.

$71 million + $106 million = $177 million.

in a month.

yeah, i suppose june was a good month for fundraising.

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i don’t know much of pete wilson or cross point church in nashville, TN.

i like his hair.  seems like a pretty popular guy on twitter, and he’s got great teeth.  beyond that, i don’t know much about him, his life or his church.

but what i do know is this :: pete’s response to the westboro baptist church’s threat to show up and picket his church is grace-filled, and the leadership he’s providing to his church in this is commendable.

so i’m willing to say that in this response, i guess i do know a great deal about pete wilson, his church and the jesus he claims to follow.  and i can learn a lot, too.


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  1. (of language or style) Concise and forcefully expressive.
  2. (of a fruit or plant) Containing much pith.
terse – concise – succinct

i’ve always enjoyed one-liners. particularly as they bear fruit of pith. here are a few, from myself and others, that i’ve collected in recent weeks.  may you find them hopeful, challenging, inspiring…and pithy ::
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jesus was so predictable.

the teacher seemed to be wandering aimlessly through the grainfields just outside of the city.  his disciples knew better – he was taking the shortcut, off the beaten path, avoiding the crowds on their way to the synagogue.  the rhythmic movements of their legs brushing against the stalks of grain as they cut through the field created a kind of tune in the cool spring air.  WHOOSH.  WHOOSH. WHOOSH.  each step inched them closer, slowly, to their weekly gathering and time of celebration.

but as usual, the synagogue had already come to them.

‘aha! your disciples are breaking the Sabbath laws!’

peter rolled his eyes. john rolled up his sleeves and gave his brother that ‘let’s-call-fire-down-from-heaven-on-these-pharisee-mongrels‘ wink.  the pharisees were standing at the edge of the field, and had been watching them.  watching jesus. Continue Reading…


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an observation. a reflection. and hopefully, a conversation.

CitizenLink, a focus on the family affiliate, released a new video in their stoplight series this week entitled, ‘in the eyes of the law‘ (july 6).

this post isn’t about the gay marriage debate. i’ve already written about that here and have continued my thoughts on the ongoing culture war and the opportunity and responsibility the church has to move forward here and here.

this post is specifically about the video.

this absurd fictional depiction of a perceived threat tempts me to make inflammatory remarks about fear tactics and propaganda (religious or otherwise) throughout human history.  instead, i’ll settle for this ::

i’m not entirely sure this video is all that helpful in creating christlike conversation.

stop and consider.

what do you think about this video? good, bad or indifferent? helpful or unhelpful?


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on friday late afternoon, rachel held evans wrote a blog post.

she said she hoped it would go unnoticed.

it didn’t.

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the following post comes from scot mcknight, and can be found at his blog the jesus creed.

i asked scot if i could reproduce his post here, and he graciously said ‘yes.’

what do you think is the central, or even the most important, question in evangelism?

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any questions?

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so…seriously. what questions come to mind?

moving on.

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seems that the subject of homosexuality is in the news. again.

alan chambers, president of exodus international, the world’s largest ex-gay ministry, has changed direction – significantly. having a reputation as being dedicated to helping people repress same-sex attraction through prayer, the organization is trying to distance themselves from the idea that gay people’s orientation can be permanently changed – and there’s now no more talk of ‘curing’ same-sex attraction.

‘i do not believe that cure is a word that is applicable to any struggle, homosexuality included,’ said chambers at their annual conference this week.

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the following post comes from lauren dubinsky, and can be found at her blog laurennicolelove, to which i was introduced last week by one of my readers. i highly recommend it.

i asked lauren if i could reproduce her post here, and she graciously said ‘yes.’

The slow thud of pounding bass through my bedroom walls shook me half-awake. I kept my face in my pillow and wondered why it was necessary for music this loud to be played in our family’s home at 7am on Saturday mornings. I pulled my comforter back over my head, and drifted off to sleep for all of two minutes before the fire alarm went off.

Breakfast was ready. And that fire alarm dug it’s nails into my soul.

15 years old. I stumbled in to the kitchen, rubbing my eyes and brushing hair out of my face.

‘Back upstairs, Lauren.’ My mom stood at the stove, waving her spatula at me.


‘UPSTAIRS. You know you can’t wear that around your brothers.’

I shook myself fully awake and glanced down to figure out what she was talking about. Sweatpants and a cami. I guess you could tell my breasts were developing. A little late, I might add.

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