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one of the recent announcements made from the OPEN network is our excitement about the OPEN MDiv from Christian Theological Seminary.

OPEN and CTS have partnered to provide this forward-thinking Master of Divinity – and courses begin this fall.

‘Progressive evangelicals looking for a seminary home have responded to CTS’ historic commitments to hospitality and inclusion,’ said matthew myer boulton, CTS president and professor of theology. ‘It’s a wonderful compliment to CTS.’ Continue Reading…

‘Just as a flower is made only of non-flower elements, Buddhism is made only of non-Buddhist elements, including Christian ones, and Christianity is made of non-Christian elements, including Buddhist ones.’

— thích nhất hạnh
from Living Buddha, Living Christ

at the center.

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a little over a year ago, i announced that i’d resigned from my position as the executive director of The Marin Foundation here in chicago in order to engage in work which expanded beyond the scope allowed by my position in that particular organization. since that time, i’ve been honored to participate in a number of efforts – most notably, partnering with some new and old friends from Convergence and elsewhere in building and giving leadership to a network created to organize and mobilize progressive evangelicals called OPENand also founding my own non-profit organization to provide funding and support to those and other endeavors called (un)common good collective.

it’s been a busy year.

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‘vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness. if it doesn’t feel vulnerable, the sharing is probably not constructive.’

— brene brown

under the radar.

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for the past twelve months, i’ve purposefully flown ‘under the radar’ on social media and here on my personal blog (many of you have taken notice that the traditionally prolific nature of my public writing, speaking and tweeting has decreased over the past year – which has led a number of folks to wonder if i’m actually being productive anymore).

some folks have literally messaged me asking if i’m still alright, or if i’m working – and what in the world i’m working on.

and of course i am – i’ve just been flying under the radar.

but as i said to my friend only yesterday – just because you’re flying under the radar doesn’t mean that you’re not still moving.

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‘what you seek is seeking you.’
– rumi


‘We have always found Jesus easier to worship than to follow. Veneration of great people requires less than imitation. Jesus said, ‘Follow me’ not ‘Hallow me.’

these are the words of my friend stan mitchell, who is admittedly on a Facebook status update roll (friend and/or follow stan here). he leads a church in nashville, TN called GracePointe and – lest you believe stan stands alone – is part of a growing movement of outspoken progressive evangelical individuals, organizations and communities of faith coalescing around a broader effort known as OPEN. so am i.

truth be told, increasing numbers of us who grew up in an evangelical, non-denominational or free-church tradition are coming to terms with the fact that the version of christianity that we grew up with is less than good news.

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not every moment is beautiful and good, but there is good and beauty in every moment.

seek it, and you will find it.

then seek it out more.



today, my friend david gushee wrote an interesting and insightful article on the drama happening at Wheaton College – the esteemed evangelical academic institution which is making headlines as they continue the process of firing their first-ever tenured black female professor.

the reason?

first, dr. larycia hawkins wore a hijab – the traditional head covering worn by many muslim women. then, she was accused of violating its doctrinal statement because she wrote a Facebook post quoting pope francis which said that christians and muslims ‘worship the same God.’ hawkins told CNN the school offered her a ‘best case scenario’ to return to the college which ‘included two years of multi-layered, ongoing conversation about the theological implications of [her] Facebook post and [her] actions in wearing the hijab. For those two years, tenure would be revoked and restoration of tenure an open question at the conclusion of that period.’

in my opinion, standing in solidarity with muslims by saying they worship the same God as christians do is more of a historical than a theological statement – and it’s factual. YHVH God is, historically, the God of abraham. different interpretations (or, one could more accurately state evolutions of understanding) of that God are expressed through each of the abrahamic faiths – judaism, christianity… and islam.

for an evangelical academic institution to deny this is to show themselves either intellectually dishonest or intentionally ignorant of the history of our faith.

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if the grace you extend comes with a ‘but’ at the end, it isn’t grace; it’s condemnation.