reflections on forgiveness.

mjkimpan  —  February 15, 2017 — Leave a comment


forgiveness is a forward movement – an acknowledgment that we are all connected in the great stream of collective conscious; that every word, thought and deed we choose to express not only affects our own world, but the world of those around us.

the same is true for the ways in which others engage in the world – it has practical implications for each of our lives, and oftentimes becomes a source of bitterness, fear or disappointment.

it is oftentimes difficult to move past the hurt caused by others who’ve hurt and betrayed you, as well as forgiving one’s self for either allowing or causing suffering to others.

at least in my life, there’s a lot to forgive.

throughout my life, and even now, i’ve oftentimes been the source of heartache and pain (for both myself and those closest to me) – often unintentionally, but i must confess – i know i can do better.

even in my most recent attempts to ‘do better’ over the last several years, i’ve made more than a few devastating mistakes, and watched in horror as the consequences unfold. reflecting on the years i’ve lived thus far, it is understandable for many of those swept up in the wake of my life to refuse to believe the best in, or offer forgiveness to me –  or even to themselves for the harm they have done in response to me.

yet without mutual forgiveness, we each run aground in the stagnant waters of judgment and denial. the negative energy of resentment wreaks havoc in our own being and has consequences in the manifestations of our perceived reality and relationships.

forgiveness is us cooperating with the evolution of our souls toward the comprehension of the impeccability of all creation, and acknowledging that in the end, all things do work together for good.

we are who we are as a result of the relationships and experiences that have shaped us – each one of us on a journey toward becoming agents of Love and Light, even in the deepest and darkest places.

as we take a bird’s eye view of our daily, mundane earthly drama, we begin to recognize that our identity moves beyond our years of conditioning; beyond our addictions; beyond disappointment and the pain of being human in this dualistic, mortal paradigm.

we each have daily opportunities to move forward in creating a better world with those around us – extending forgiveness to the people and experiences which have caused us pain, and moving forward having learned the lessons of heartache.

forgiveness is knowing there is nothing to forgive.