mjkimpan  —  August 6, 2012 — 169 Comments

wow. that chick-fil-a extravaganza last week exposed the worst in a lot of us.

about a week ago, RELEVANT magazine published an article i wrote on the chicken-chain-debacle calling out our seeming inability to dialogue with those with whom we disagree

(if you haven’t yet read the article, please go do so here and then come back. i’ll wait).

the response has been slightly overwhelming.

the piece has received more than just a little feedback :: over 10,000 shares on facebook and twitter (including the comments at

ten thousand. people. talking.

that’s a lot.

i don’t think that’s normal.

i’ve received facebook messages and emails from close friends and complete strangers – some praising me, some thanking me, some scolding me and others condemning me.

and although i’d like to believe interest in the piece was due to my masterful wordsmithing, i know better.  it was a good article, but it wasn’t that good. so, what’s the deal?

why were so many people talking about it?

why all the fuss?  

is this about chicken sandwiches?  gays?  gluttony?  free speech?  waffle fries?  separation of church and state?  over zealous mayors?  bad theology?  jesus?  fear of what we don’t know?  fear of losing what we do know?  sin?  salvation?  sex?

or is there something else that tapped into the subconscious of christian culture causing so many to chow down on chick-fil-a?

what do you think?