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this morning i’m flying to philadelphia for the red letter christians gathering – an opportunity to spend some quality time with good friends of The Marin Foundation tony campolo and shane claiborne, as well as some of the folks that make up the RLC community. i’ve had the opportunity for the past couple of years to have some of my writing featured on the RLC blog, and have had the privilege to become dear friends with a number of these folks known as ‘red letter christians.’

many of the folks at this gathering can also be found on my bookshelf – and have greatly influenced the (re)thinking and (re)framing of my own understanding of the words and teachings of jesus – and how to live out my life seeking to follow them. as i continue to stumble along the path plotted for me, i’m continually humbled to be in relationship and proximity with so many men and women across such a broad theological spectrum – each of whom deeply desire to live and love in the way of jesus.

i’m honored to be among them.

the depth and breadth of the theological stream that defines these few is evidence of the beautiful diversity that is present in the universal body of christ – and, the simplicity of our commonality. we desire to take seriously the teachings of jesus. as it is worded on the RLC website*, we desire ‘to take jesus seriously by endeavoring to live out his radical, counter-cultural teachings as set forth in scripture, and especially embracing the lifestyle prescribed on the sermon on the mount.’

* two reasons for the asterisk ::

one, i don’t want to get myself into this kind of trouble. i have a feeling i’ll encounter enough criticism and controversy without going looking for it. 😉

and two, i changed the punctuation on the site. after having to hit that shift key so many freaking times for my manuscript, i’m rather enjoying getting back to my own way of writing…