mjkimpan  —  October 18, 2012 — 33 Comments

words matter.

particularly when discussing what we believe, the words we choose to use (or not) are pregnant with deep meaning. when we refuse to explore and acknowledge this truth, we potentially miss out on a fuller understanding of what it is we are in fact subscribing to.

for example, we recently discussed the theological and practical implications of the root of the word incarnation –  specifically, i wrote ::

at the root of this theologically pregnant word is the latin word, carne :: meaning ‘flesh’ or ‘meat.’ quite literally, the flesh that covers the bones.

the incarnation shows us what God is like with skin on.

an identical epiphany took place via twitter this week, when the multi-faceted glenn packiam tweeted the following ::

sadly, many of us are rooted (or rather, stuck) in traditions created long after God walked among us in the person of christ, rigid with a wooden interpretation of scripture that becomes increasingly irrelevant to the world in which we are called to live.

it is when we realize the liberating message of jesus that transcends a legalistic adherence and commitment to law that we are most rooted in his radical memorandum of redemption, reconciliation and hope.

didn’t you get the memo?

glenn sums up this message of jesus’ good news this way ::

we are the outsiders who’ve been made insiders because of jesus; the ones who were far away but now have been brought near…the kingdom has come.’

the possibilities are endless, and everyone is invited.

so what are you rooted in?

what is it that evokes the most radical reaction in you? are you rooted in man-made traditions or are you rooted in the radical representation of God that we find in the person, work and words of jesus?

glenn serves as the executive pastor of spiritual direction at new life church in colorado springs, and was one of the founding members for the desperation band.

our paths have crossed a handful of times, most notably at an integrity music songwriter’s conference (where in my immaturity i interrupted his breakout talk on songwriting by finishing his quote by reciting shakespeare’s 116th sonnet from memory) or hooking him up to a zip line in my past life as an adventure guide at a para-church ministry that no longer exists (embezzling funds is a no-no).

you can buy his music here, read his stuff here, buy his books here, or watch him talk about stuff here. fair warning :: be prepared to think.