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‘I think that we all need to start with grace and compassion. Set the issues, beliefs and convictions aside and let’s see one another as we truly are : God’s children in need of His grace. I believe the church and other Christian ministries and organizations like World Vision are being robbed of the incredible contributions that LGBT people can make. There are so many incredible gifts, talents and abilities that were God-given that are being unused and de-valued because of the labels we place on one another.’

see more of my conversation with my friend tim schraeder on why he decided to come out as a gay christian here.


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less than 48 hours after announcing it would hire gay christians in legal same-sex marriages, World Vision has reversed its decision calling it ‘a mistake’ – no doubt a response to the outcry of many evangelicals resulting in the dropped sponsorship of over 2,000 children. Continue Reading…

can you see?

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fact :: World Vision is in the top ten charities in America, took in over a billion dollars last year, and serves over 100 million people in 100 countries. they feed starving children. yesterday alone they helped 4 million kids.

as most readers may have heard by now, yesterday marked a shift in World Vision’s employment policy regarding sexual activity. as has always been the case, employees are expected not to engage in sex outside of marriage; but recently, the organization determined those in legal, state-sanctioned gay and lesbian marriages would no longer be discriminated against in its employment.

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real life observations.

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being a bit of an ass online is easy.
loving people online is easy, too.

well, easier.

in real life, you don’t get to unplug. you don’t get to give yourself an opportunity to calm down and respond after taking a few moments to regain your composure or talk your way through an argument in an imaginary conversation with the image staring back at you in your bathroom mirror ‘just in case.’

in real life, you can’t delete what you just posted because you realize it wasn’t at all appropriate to whatever audience you were addressing.

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speaking of time…

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last summer, i wrote something similar to what i’m about to write here.

yet the message is just as important now as it was then.

living in the tension of building bridges between opposing world views often brings out the best – and the worst – in a lot of folks. people from both sides of the cultural divide often lob labels and accusations in our direction in an effort to ‘figure out’ what The Marin Foundation is all about or to elicit a response of ‘yes’ or ‘no‘.

apparently for some, our efforts to live and love with the same counter-cultural, unconditional love jesus did and does – for all people – are confusing.

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so, some people actually hate me.

i recently wrote about how i’ve been prepping myself for an onslaught of critique nearly certain to come my way in 2014 – once my thoughts on standing in solidarity are published in book form this fall, the opportunity for others to question my work, thoughts, motivations and even my faith are bound to multiply.

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top 10 of 2013.

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top 10
this past year has been a busy and incredible one – i officially joined the team at The Marin Foundation, signed my book deal, got married and much more. to be fair, there were a few posts i wrote that were read/shared more on other blog sites (e.g., patheos and the tony camplo-helmed red letter christians) – but as far as it goes on the WayWard follower, here are the top 5 blog posts for traffic here on the blog ::

10. division.
on the back-and-forth on social media regarding same sex marriage this year.

9. pizza face.
on the infectious nature of boldness as seen in the bleachers at wrigley field this summer.

8. LOVE is louder. 
on my experience at the I’m Sorry Campaign at chicago’s gay pride this year.

7. gag me.
on comments made by a member of The Gospel Coalition regarding homosexuality, and my take on those words.

6. rip, rob bell.
on the evangelical black sheep coming out as affirming monogamy and marriage, regardless of orientation.

5. book deal. 
on my forthcoming book (fall, 2014) with InterVarsity Press.

4. you, too? 
on bono from U2 talking about jesus.

3. bad theology. 
on ray lewis’ theologically inept comments after wining last year’s super bowl.

2. response to SCOTUS.
on the supreme court’s decision to end DOMA.

1. quack, quack.
on the recent duck dynasty debacle.


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this past week, i had the opportunity to be interviewed by a christian radio station based out of wisconsin – WWIB – about the Duck Dynasty debacle and my subsequent blog post here. we talked for a bit about our work at The Marin Foundation, theology and our position of neutrality – which caused a bit of discomfort for one of the co-hosts.

the interview lasted the entirety of the hour, and we still hadn’t yet gotten to talking about phil robertson’s GQ article…so i stayed on for an additional 15 minutes, transferred to another show and continued our conversation there.

a number of my readers have messaged and emailed me asking for the links to the show – so here they are :: the first hour (click the 12-20-13 link entitled, Loving LGBTQ) and the second hour’s conversation about Duck Dynasty (click the link entitled, M.Kimpan/Rltnshps).

end of year giving.

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<from The Marin Foundation’s end-of-year letter>

To our wonderful friends and family,

Hello from Chicago! We hope this letter finds you well as you enjoy this holiday season.

We are filled with joy and gratitude as we consider our incredible year here at The Marin Foundation. As we faithfully continue the daily work of building bridges through hosting our twice a month Living in the Tension Gatherings, multiple I’m Sorry Campaigns, our continuing education classes, the Parent Resource Initiative and providing ongoing pastoral care, we have expanded our work and influence well beyond our own neighborhood. In addition, we have consulted with and spoken at numerous churches, higher education institutions, organizations and government agencies throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

Additionally in 2013 we have added (much needed!) staff support to help us meet the increasing demand for our work and expertise, each of whom raise their own financial support.

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in recent days, i’ve been reading a number of book reviews on some of my favorite books – books that have influenced and formed me deeply in my own journey of faith. these are books that litter my apartment, with broken bindings and protruding post-its stuck in between dog-eared and marked up pages. i’ve read and re-read and highlighted and annotated these works from authors i greatly respect – a few have even become close friends.

and now i’m reading their book reviews. but only the bad ones.

that is not to say these reviews were poorly written, although in some cases that may be true. but i’m only reading the ‘thumbs down’ and ‘one out of five star’ types. i’m reading blog posts that claim all sorts of things about these authors and their works, spending time with the critics of these books in part to prepare myself for the bad reviews my book may get.

accusations of apostasy. heresy. watered-down christianity. appeasement and capitulation to culture. ad hominem attacks in an effort to discredit the message.

these reviews aren’t charitable – in fact, some are downright rude. unapologetically so.

so i take a deep breath and i think about john 21.

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