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mjkimpan  —  November 26, 2012 — 14 Comments

last evening #thecrux met for a post-thanksgiving meal, to remember the journey God has taken the group on over the last three years, and to celebrate what lies ahead. these final thoughts are (essentially) what i left with our community and its new leaders in a mini-speech last night ::

time and time again, i’ve been told by students and adults alike who have experienced what is known as #thecrux that we have something special, something sacred.

something odd.

you are a relevant and safe community that understands there is a simplicity on the  other side of complexity, aware of all of the various interpretations and theological perspectives and complicated systems of thinking and analyzing and yet maintains a clear, resolute sense that jesus is doing something in the world and we are invited to join his movement.

that jesus is ultimately not a proposition you intellectually assent to but a person you say ‘yes’ to.

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mjkimpan  —  November 7, 2012 — 13 Comments

last night, after the voting polls had closed and ballots came pouring in as news stations around the country frantically tallied projected winners, christians from diverse traditions gathered around the table across our country to celebrate what we have in common, understanding in the center of our different politics and potential disagreements that

we. are. one.

we together realized, no matter the election results, while there are blood and tears and heartaches and arguments and banter that there is hope :: we eventually do meet the resurrected christ and can even now see him in each other – and it is real and true and

he. is. present.

God. with us. emmanuel.

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a place at the table.

mjkimpan  —  October 31, 2012 — 6 Comments

this week, i made an announcement and declared i’ll be devoting the next few posts throughout this week to helping others understand my journey toward my exciting new position at The Marin Foundation.

yesterday’s post highlighted why i’m so deeply grateful for my time at richwoods.

today’s post is about how the past three years at richwoods have prepared me for this new opportunity.

when i arrived in peoria, my goal was to re-enter and immerse myself into a faith community, which i hoped would result as a form of reference for a full time ministry position somewhere else. i had no intention of staying.

within a handful of weeks, it became increasingly apparent to me that i had found a home. not just in peoria (as great as it is, i’ve always missed chicago), but in the context of relationships with people who were deeply invested in my well being and spiritual growth. i found a place at the table – where in the midst of my mess, i was accepted, welcomed and affirmed.

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