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several weeks ago i met with an old friend who has, over the years, helped me learn to communicate differently – particularly in conversations between folks from conservative and progressive camps.

more specifically, she has helped in conversations surrounding questions swirling around discussions surrounding the disconnect between conservatives and LGBT people.

our time together was beautifully frustrating.

my friend was pleased to hear me acknowledge and apologize for the ways in which many evangelical churches have failed to love the gay community well. one of her primary concerns about organized religion – christianity, in particular – is the way in which religious institutions attempt to define and dictate cultural normalcy for everyone, even those who disagree with the beliefs of said religion.

‘every christian i’ve ever met has tried to convert me,’ she said.

some folks i know would nod their head in hearty approval of these attempts at proselytization. for much of my past, i would have been among them.

but not anymore.

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