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can you see?

mjkimpan  —  March 25, 2014 — 36 Comments


fact :: World Vision is in the top ten charities in America, took in over a billion dollars last year, and serves over 100 million people in 100 countries. they feed starving children. yesterday alone they helped 4 million kids.

as most readers may have heard by now, yesterday marked a shift in World Vision’s employment policy regarding sexual activity. as has always been the case, employees are expected not to engage in sex outside of marriage; but recently, the organization determined those in legal, state-sanctioned gay and lesbian marriages would no longer be discriminated against in its employment.

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muppet madness.

mjkimpan  —  July 23, 2012 — 40 Comments

it would appear that just about everyone has an opinion on Chick-fil-A.  while an understandable question would be, ‘do you like their chicken?‘ it seems that now the question is whether or not you’ll be completely boycotting them.  from the maker of The Muppets to the mayor of beantown, the list of folks cutting ties with the chicken chain is growing.

last week, Chick-fil-A president dan cathy made comments in an interview with the baptist press that have brought some attention from groups advocating equal rights for same sex couples. ‘guilty as charged,’ he said in the interview when asked about Chick-fil-A’s backing of families led by a man and a woman. newsy politics picked up on the interview and made this video. Continue Reading…


mjkimpan  —  February 1, 2012 — 20 Comments

powerful video.

and the point is not which faith or religion gets it ‘right.’  the point is not whether or not you agree with mormonism, or if you choose to follow jesus within the context of a different christian faith tradition (after all, most faith communities – whether mormon or catholic or protestant, or even jewish or muslim – treat this issue from the same perspective, and cause the same amount of damage).

the point
is he didn’t have a choice… and so when he had not magically changed his sexual orientation, he had to leave his church.  he did not belong.

all the more reason this is true ::we cannot force people to choose between being a christian and being gay.  if we do, they’re left with NO choice – being gay is something people are; being a christ follower is something people choose.  so if left with an either/or choice, they’ll become ex-christian.  or ex-mormon.  or ex-muslim.  or ex-jewish.  or ex-whatever.
my thought || the church is going to have to wrap its arms around the simple truth that people can be (and many are) both gay and christian.

what are your thoughts?


mjkimpan  —  January 26, 2012 — 23 Comments

this past week there was a statement that caught my eye while reading through comments on rachel held evans’ blog – it was this ::

‘theologically pure, while being relationally toxic and self-absorbed.’

it stuck with me.

gnawed at me.

stirred things in me.  how often have i been like that?

and so i find myself writing this post, repeating what i’ve written in the past. reminding me, reminding you.

God. people. that’s what matters.

not doctrine.

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top 5 of 2011.

mjkimpan  —  December 29, 2011 — 7 Comments

here are the most viewed posts of 2011 at the WayWard follower ::

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a BIG ‘thank you’ and happy new year to all my readers – looking forward to where 2012 takes us.