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a glimpse.

mjkimpan  —  January 29, 2013 — 7 Comments

I grew up without a television.

That’s only partially true, actually.  For the first five years of my life, we had one, before my mother cast it out declaring, ‘TV is the playground of the devil!’  I have faint memories of fights with my sister Laura on which show we would watch – I wanted to watch Zorro carve his signature Z into the backsides of Spanish soldiers, while she had a propensity for Little House on the Prairie.

She won often.  At least three nights a week, I was subjected to imagining life in the late 19th century as a farmer in Walnut Grove rather than as a wealthy, clever-thinking, freelancing, crime-fighting-bandito in the Spanish colonial era of California.

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mjkimpan  —  January 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

watch. listen. be inspired. be convicted. be challenged. be changed.

the ask.

mjkimpan  —  November 2, 2012 — 16 Comments

this week, i made an announcement and declared i’ll be devoting the next few posts throughout this week to helping others understand my journey toward my exciting new position at The Marin Foundation – the very first organization that works to build a bridge between the religious and LGBT communities in a non-threatening, research and biblically oriented fashion.

yesterday’s post was when i’ll be going to chicago and what i’ll be doing with The Marin Foundation. today’s post is what you can do to help be a part of this new chapter in my life.

i can’t do this without you. i need your help. there are three things i am asking ::

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solidarity :: conclusion.

mjkimpan  —  September 28, 2012 — 17 Comments

my desired perspective in the conclusion of our solidarity series ::

‘rather than being disappointed in less than complete agreement or understanding, i’ll be grateful for even small steps we can take together in challenging dangerous features of the status quo and opening up better possibilities for the future.’

— brian d. mclaren

inspire movement.

mjkimpan  —  February 7, 2012 — 17 Comments

a dear friend recently said to me ::

if you move people with your dream and not theirs, you’re just pushing them.

want movement? inspire them to chase after their own dreams.

so often leaders push and pull people to where we want them to be.

visionaries.  reformers.  dreamers.  pastors.  leaders.  as we look over the landscape ahead and consider those whom we are leading, reflecting on how things are, we want to move them.  from here to there. Continue Reading…