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are you constantly watching and reading the news? i can’t stop.

i must admit i’ve always been a bit of a news junkie… just one of many vices i’ve learned to live with over the years.

i keep most of them in check, most of the time. really. you’d be surprised.

yet despite my most valiant efforts, i’ve not been able to ignore the recent saturation of political coverage following the GOP and DNC conventions, nor the steady decline in the emotional and intellectual integrity of much of our political discourse this election cycle.

what we’re witnessing has never before been seen in the history of american presidential politics.

this to be seems true not just on mainstream media, but in our online conversations as well. a markedly divided america is gearing up for the november election, and the contrast between the two candidates of the country’s major political parties and their vastly different visions for the future have created an environment of unprecedented agitation and aggression amongst their supporters.

there is an unusual frenzy around the upcoming presidential debates  – it’s expected they’ll bring the largest international television viewing audience in history.

i know i’ll be watching.

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today, my friend david gushee wrote an interesting and insightful article on the drama happening at Wheaton College – the esteemed evangelical academic institution which is making headlines as they continue the process of firing their first-ever tenured black female professor.

the reason?

first, dr. larycia hawkins wore a hijab – the traditional head covering worn by many muslim women. then, she was accused of violating its doctrinal statement because she wrote a Facebook post quoting pope francis which said that christians and muslims ‘worship the same God.’ hawkins told CNN the school offered her a ‘best case scenario’ to return to the college which ‘included two years of multi-layered, ongoing conversation about the theological implications of [her] Facebook post and [her] actions in wearing the hijab. For those two years, tenure would be revoked and restoration of tenure an open question at the conclusion of that period.’

in my opinion, standing in solidarity with muslims by saying they worship the same God as christians do is more of a historical than a theological statement – and it’s factual. YHVH God is, historically, the God of abraham. different interpretations (or, one could more accurately state evolutions of understanding) of that God are expressed through each of the abrahamic faiths – judaism, christianity… and islam.

for an evangelical academic institution to deny this is to show themselves either intellectually dishonest or intentionally ignorant of the history of our faith.

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if you follow my facebook feed, you’ll know that leading up to this holiday season i spent some time defending my counter-cultural suggestion that since the jesus of the gospel narratives is quite clearly against killing people, folks who claim to follow him ought to be as well.

some folks disagreed.

though it’s not the first time an impassioned disagreement has taken place in my world, i was surprised that the most vitriolic – sometimes even violent – responses came not due to my previous suggestions that the gospel is far better news than what we learned in church; or that the family of God expands beyond the walls of religion; or even that accepting syrian refugees and muslim immigrants is a christ-followers’ ethical and moral responsibility; but the assertion that christians shouldn’t kill people.


i don’t say so lightly. such an assertion flies in the face of the faith and family in which i  was raised – and not just because we used to sing, ‘onward christian soldier, marching off to war…’ during children’s church.

for me, it started on the day i was born.

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proud to be an american?

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should this make you proud to be an american?

the following video came across my newsfeed yesterday, posted by a former ministry partner of mine, with the status ::

so proud to be an american!

take a look ::

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graphic images.

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the incredible website has gone and done it again.

several times on any given week, i find myself clicking on a link to their videos, triggered by some catchy comment or pithy prose. today’s was this ::

9 out of 10 americans are completely wrong
about this mind-blowing fact

who wouldn’t want to click on that?

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God loves uganda.

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recently, The Marin Foundation announced that for our upcoming Living In The Tension gathering, we’d be hosting a screening of the as-yet-unreleased documentary film, God Loves Uganda.

within hours of that announcement, my inbox was blinking with emails from concerned folks who had read this article from a popular online christian magazine, which expressed some reservations about the film’s portrayal of evangelical christians.

some were worried that in showing the film, The Marin Foundation would unintentionally ‘polarize non-christians against believers,’ urging us to do ‘further investigation before [we] endorse this film.’

here is what i wrote in response ::

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on syria.

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onsyria<click here to enlarge image>

my last blog post lamented the attention paid to miley cyrus twerking at the VMAs in light of the relative collective cultural ignorance of other topics which have far greater importance.

one example i gave was the situation in syria – whose plight as a people garnered more international and domestic attention toward the end of the week due to some parliamentary discussions in the UK and a rose garden speech by president obama here in the US.

we’ll talk about why we’re all of a sudden concerned – and why that concerns me – in a post later this week.

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be wise.

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the rhetoric has been amping up.

in the realm of politics as well as in religious communities (not to mention the toxic blend of both on social media), many seem to feel a pressing need to express themselves with incessant and boisterous resolve.

i’ve tried to be wise and keep quiet, for the most part – and though i have strong opinions on a number of pressing issues during this election season, i’m doing my best not to get sucked into the politics of this kingdom while claiming to be part of a different one.

as i’ve mentioned before here at the WayWard follower there is a glaring contradiction between how our political system operates and the faith so many claim it’s built on – and even more recently promoted an opportunity for those in the church on both sides of the political spectrum to come together and celebrate what we have in common.

but sometimes we have to learn to just keep our mouths shut and avoid (or stop) saying ridiculous, provocative, unhelpful, intolerant, divisive, immature and insecure things.

it’s a hard balance to know when to speak your mind and when to hold your tongue – but i’m trying to be wise and at least avoid the vitriolic political debates taking place on the facebook walls of some of my friends, post pictures with the sole purpose of promoting hatred of a particular candidate and fear mongering, and to keep out of conversations i know nothing about.

it’d be great if we all did.

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politics are ugly. especially in an election year.

recent polls show this election is heating up, and the fury with which each side expresses their views seemingly deepens every day. our twitter feeds are overrun with quips and jabs at the opposing side, and frankly our facebook pages have practically become a political obstacle course.

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basics :: some (more) history.

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today’s post is a follow up to this one, and part of our basics series. the purpose is to articulate for my readers where i stand on certain theological tenants, declaring a sort of ‘water-line’ for future conversations here at the WayWard follower.

it’s nearly time to explore some theological non-negotiables, but before doing so we need to understand how we got here in the first place. as we saw yesterday,

every theological statement is a response
to a perceived theological threat.

in the first part of this post, i concluded that as a result of the adoption of nicene christianity as the official religion of the roman empire in the 4th century, religious responsibility became synonymous with political power as the lines between building God’s kingdom of a new way and expanding power and influence of the roman empire muddied.

additionally, worship in the church began to be increasingly influenced by imperial protocol. Continue Reading…