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the tweet is from kevin deyoung, a prolific blogger, preacher and author who has about 42,000 more twitter followers than me. he writes for The Gospel Coalition, which was rated one of the top 25 christian blogs for ministry in a recent analysis. his personal blog, DeYoung, Restless and Reformed did even better, landing at #12.

that’s a lot of readers. a lot of influence. a lot of responsibility.

the hashtag referenced in the tweet, #T4G14, stands for ‘Together for the Gospel‘ a well attended biennial conference for pastors and church leaders with big name speakers such as john piper, al mohler, david platt, matt chandler, john macarthur, mark dever (whose talk was quoted in the tweet) and… kevin deyoung.

these guys are professional gospel proclaimers with huge platforms, teaching at a conference all about the proclamation of that same good news.


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damage (and) control.

mjkimpan  —  April 1, 2014 — 135 Comments


i’m still reeling from last week.

my inboxes have been flooded, my text messages continuous and my face to face conversations with members of both the LGBT and conservative communities have been seemingly endless – and emotionally charged.

one friend said he was saddened by the fact that his (gay) community has been marginalized yet again and treated as not only ‘Other’ but unworthy – another friend used the term ‘useless’ after acknowledging he is a gay christian. Continue Reading…

can you see?

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fact :: World Vision is in the top ten charities in America, took in over a billion dollars last year, and serves over 100 million people in 100 countries. they feed starving children. yesterday alone they helped 4 million kids.

as most readers may have heard by now, yesterday marked a shift in World Vision’s employment policy regarding sexual activity. as has always been the case, employees are expected not to engage in sex outside of marriage; but recently, the organization determined those in legal, state-sanctioned gay and lesbian marriages would no longer be discriminated against in its employment.

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bad news.

mjkimpan  —  March 17, 2014 — 5 Comments


this weekend, my friend aaron niequist posted the above picture on twitter (he got the image via brian zahnd, who’s another person you should follow).

accompanying the tweet, aaron asked,

How did the good news become such a bad story?

and i ask the same of you – isn’t ‘the Good News’ better than this? i think it is.

what do you think?

refusing to refuse.

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it was almost time.

three years had passed since jesus first extended the invitation to this rag-tag group of curiously single jewish men.

‘follow me,’ he had said.

they were misfits, all of them. yet they found in their brotherhood a sense of solidarity with one another, in spite of their differences. this, of course, laid the ground work for their eventual understanding of christ’s stand in solidarity with all of humanity. Continue Reading…

just wonder(ing).

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what would it look like if rather than focusing on an us/them mentality, harping on what ‘sins’ exist ‘out there’ we each focused on how we ourselves could better find and follow christ in our every interaction?

what would it look like to celebrate the fingerprint of God – the imago dei – in each person we encounter, regardless of our differences or their perspective?

what would it look like to mirror the solidarity with the Other – the disenfranchised, marginalized and oppressed in our communities that we see evidenced in God’s incarnation?

what if, rather than declaring things seen in others as sinful, i recognized the areas in my own life where i fall short, and was encouraged and inspired by my community to get back up and try again?

i am convinced if this is how we began to approach worship within our faith communities (as well as our liturgy, our structures and systems for membership, service and doctrine, et cetera), we would quite possibly turn things upside down.

and we’d be closer to what christ envisioned for his church than we are right now.

what do you think?


‘what makes the gospel offensive is not who it leaves OUT;
what makes the gospel offensive is who it lets IN.’


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i’m not really a fan of tumblr.

i have one, which i rarely check and even more rarely use. i suppose for some it’s a great blogging platform; but for me, i’ll stick with wordpress.

i just cant get on the tumblr train. it feels too much like an app, and seems to be designed more for images than text (if i see another .GIF image about harry potter or marvel comics my head might just explode). besides, i think i’d prefer to let folks comment without having to sign-up. feels a bit too much like church membership to me (a subject i’m bound to get myself in trouble with in my book).

that said, there’s one person’s tumblr that i just can’t get enough of :: Continue Reading…

top 10 of 2013.

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top 10
this past year has been a busy and incredible one – i officially joined the team at The Marin Foundation, signed my book deal, got married and much more. to be fair, there were a few posts i wrote that were read/shared more on other blog sites (e.g., patheos and the tony camplo-helmed red letter christians) – but as far as it goes on the WayWard follower, here are the top 5 blog posts for traffic here on the blog ::

10. division.
on the back-and-forth on social media regarding same sex marriage this year.

9. pizza face.
on the infectious nature of boldness as seen in the bleachers at wrigley field this summer.

8. LOVE is louder. 
on my experience at the I’m Sorry Campaign at chicago’s gay pride this year.

7. gag me.
on comments made by a member of The Gospel Coalition regarding homosexuality, and my take on those words.

6. rip, rob bell.
on the evangelical black sheep coming out as affirming monogamy and marriage, regardless of orientation.

5. book deal. 
on my forthcoming book (fall, 2014) with InterVarsity Press.

4. you, too? 
on bono from U2 talking about jesus.

3. bad theology. 
on ray lewis’ theologically inept comments after wining last year’s super bowl.

2. response to SCOTUS.
on the supreme court’s decision to end DOMA.

1. quack, quack.
on the recent duck dynasty debacle.


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this past week, i had the opportunity to be interviewed by a christian radio station based out of wisconsin – WWIB – about the Duck Dynasty debacle and my subsequent blog post here. we talked for a bit about our work at The Marin Foundation, theology and our position of neutrality – which caused a bit of discomfort for one of the co-hosts.

the interview lasted the entirety of the hour, and we still hadn’t yet gotten to talking about phil robertson’s GQ article…so i stayed on for an additional 15 minutes, transferred to another show and continued our conversation there.

a number of my readers have messaged and emailed me asking for the links to the show – so here they are :: the first hour (click the 12-20-13 link entitled, Loving LGBTQ) and the second hour’s conversation about Duck Dynasty (click the link entitled, M.Kimpan/Rltnshps).