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this week, i’ve got the tremendous opportunity to plot and conspire goodness with some old and new friends at an event in marco island, florida – hosted by grace and brian mclaren.

the purpose of our gathering is for a group of initiators of a movement to gather together connecting people and organizations to solve great problems and participate in new opportunities – especially to heal the human spirit, to foster abundant life in community, to seek the common good, and to promote responsible living with the earth.

we readily acknowledge that growing numbers of christian leaders from many traditions – traditional protestant, progressive catholic, progressive evangelicals, and others – are coming to shared convictions that are both radical and exciting ::

• the future of the church will not simply be a replication of the past, and
• it is time for vital, new expressions of just and generous christian faith to emerge

many have often felt marginalized and alone in these convictions; yet when we voice them, we all too quickly discover that we are not alone. many others resonate with the restlessness we feel, and speak of… Continue Reading…

damage (and) control.

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i’m still reeling from last week.

my inboxes have been flooded, my text messages continuous and my face to face conversations with members of both the LGBT and conservative communities have been seemingly endless – and emotionally charged.

one friend said he was saddened by the fact that his (gay) community has been marginalized yet again and treated as not only ‘Other’ but unworthy – another friend used the term ‘useless’ after acknowledging he is a gay christian. Continue Reading…

speaking of time…

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last summer, i wrote something similar to what i’m about to write here.

yet the message is just as important now as it was then.

living in the tension of building bridges between opposing world views often brings out the best – and the worst – in a lot of folks. people from both sides of the cultural divide often lob labels and accusations in our direction in an effort to ‘figure out’ what The Marin Foundation is all about or to elicit a response of ‘yes’ or ‘no‘.

apparently for some, our efforts to live and love with the same counter-cultural, unconditional love jesus did and does – for all people – are confusing.

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‘what makes the gospel offensive is not who it leaves OUT;
what makes the gospel offensive is who it lets IN.’


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in recent days, i’ve been reading a number of book reviews on some of my favorite books – books that have influenced and formed me deeply in my own journey of faith. these are books that litter my apartment, with broken bindings and protruding post-its stuck in between dog-eared and marked up pages. i’ve read and re-read and highlighted and annotated these works from authors i greatly respect – a few have even become close friends.

and now i’m reading their book reviews. but only the bad ones.

that is not to say these reviews were poorly written, although in some cases that may be true. but i’m only reading the ‘thumbs down’ and ‘one out of five star’ types. i’m reading blog posts that claim all sorts of things about these authors and their works, spending time with the critics of these books in part to prepare myself for the bad reviews my book may get.

accusations of apostasy. heresy. watered-down christianity. appeasement and capitulation to culture. ad hominem attacks in an effort to discredit the message.

these reviews aren’t charitable – in fact, some are downright rude. unapologetically so.

so i take a deep breath and i think about john 21.

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[trigger warning :: rape, sexual abuse]

as i write this, i just wrapped up two talks at my church. i chatted about jesus throwing a temple tantrum to a group of high schoolers. i told some stories about the messiah, threw a table, and then wrapped up my evening facilitating a conversation with some 30 or 40 college students about hell.

the end result of that chat was that barney may be either the beast or the anti-christ (that’s a joke, folks — you can laugh), the lake of fire is either bright and very hot or very dark and cold, and we’re not quite certain how best to give a visual representation of this very real space. the group of students have been influenced by everyone from rob bell to jonathan edwards to dante and their parents, so the conversation was…diverse.

respectful, but diverse.

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on friday late afternoon, rachel held evans wrote a blog post.

she said she hoped it would go unnoticed.

it didn’t.

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this past week there was a statement that caught my eye while reading through comments on rachel held evans’ blog – it was this ::

‘theologically pure, while being relationally toxic and self-absorbed.’

it stuck with me.

gnawed at me.

stirred things in me.  how often have i been like that?

and so i find myself writing this post, repeating what i’ve written in the past. reminding me, reminding you.

God. people. that’s what matters.

not doctrine.

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