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shabbat shalom.

mjkimpan  —  October 15, 2011 — 21 Comments

my name is michael, and i am a workaholic.  literally.  i can’t stop working. 

part of this unfortunate truth is a result of my past choices that have led me to a place of near financial ruin.  i don’t work simply because i enjoy it, but because i don’t have a choice.

i need the money.  so i work.  to pay the bills, to begin the long climb out of debt.  and i’m on my way.

i work.  every single day.  two jobs. all day, every day.  i work.

i also work because i enjoy it.  it brings me purpose.  i like to produce things.  results.  i get energized from destroying ‘to do’ lists.  the more i get done, the better i feel.

but not today. Continue Reading…