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this week, i’ve got the tremendous opportunity to plot and conspire goodness with some old and new friends at an event in marco island, florida – hosted by grace and brian mclaren.

the purpose of our gathering is for a group of initiators of a movement to gather together connecting people and organizations to solve great problems and participate in new opportunities – especially to heal the human spirit, to foster abundant life in community, to seek the common good, and to promote responsible living with the earth.

we readily acknowledge that growing numbers of christian leaders from many traditions – traditional protestant, progressive catholic, progressive evangelicals, and others – are coming to shared convictions that are both radical and exciting ::

• the future of the church will not simply be a replication of the past, and
• it is time for vital, new expressions of just and generous christian faith to emerge

many have often felt marginalized and alone in these convictions; yet when we voice them, we all too quickly discover that we are not alone. many others resonate with the restlessness we feel, and speak of… Continue Reading…

MLK’s letter.

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purpose and passion combined can overcome the shadows of injustice and inspire movement toward a future of civility.

today our nation celebrates martin luther king, jr.

just a few weeks ago, a number of my friends and i gathered together and recorded a reading of dr. king’s Letter from Birmingham Jail – just released on Vimeo (and available for viewing below).

i hope you’ll take a moment to watch, listen and reflect on the words of this powerful letter. its message is just as critically important today as it was when it was first written.



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in recent days, i’ve been reading a number of book reviews on some of my favorite books – books that have influenced and formed me deeply in my own journey of faith. these are books that litter my apartment, with broken bindings and protruding post-its stuck in between dog-eared and marked up pages. i’ve read and re-read and highlighted and annotated these works from authors i greatly respect – a few have even become close friends.

and now i’m reading their book reviews. but only the bad ones.

that is not to say these reviews were poorly written, although in some cases that may be true. but i’m only reading the ‘thumbs down’ and ‘one out of five star’ types. i’m reading blog posts that claim all sorts of things about these authors and their works, spending time with the critics of these books in part to prepare myself for the bad reviews my book may get.

accusations of apostasy. heresy. watered-down christianity. appeasement and capitulation to culture. ad hominem attacks in an effort to discredit the message.

these reviews aren’t charitable – in fact, some are downright rude. unapologetically so.

so i take a deep breath and i think about john 21.

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this morning i’m flying to philadelphia for the red letter christians gathering – an opportunity to spend some quality time with good friends of The Marin Foundation tony campolo and shane claiborne, as well as some of the folks that make up the RLC community. i’ve had the opportunity for the past couple of years to have some of my writing featured on the RLC blog, and have had the privilege to become dear friends with a number of these folks known as ‘red letter christians.’

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red letter revolution.

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 what if jesus really meant what he said?

that’s a question that can get you into a lot of trouble.

ironically, a good portion of that trouble tends to come from inside the religious community, because taking a serious look at the words highlighted in red in the sacred text seems to cause questions that are easily seen as meddling with the status quo.

but then again – the same thing happened when jesus spoke those red letters in the first place.

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interdependence Day.

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this year, let’s celebrate INTERdependence Day–recognizing the fact that we are part of a global neighborhood. let’s appreciate all the invisible people in our lives, and let’s lament the fact that the human family is terribly dysfunctional.

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heaven. on earth. you must think i’m idealistic. radical. crazy. a dreamer…our world needs daydreamers daring to dream dangerously. and it’s waiting for YOU to dream.

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