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MLK’s letter.

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purpose and passion combined can overcome the shadows of injustice and inspire movement toward a future of civility.

today our nation celebrates martin luther king, jr.

just a few weeks ago, a number of my friends and i gathered together and recorded a reading of dr. king’s Letter from Birmingham Jail – just released on Vimeo (and available for viewing below).

i hope you’ll take a moment to watch, listen and reflect on the words of this powerful letter. its message is just as critically important today as it was when it was first written.


speaking of time…

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last summer, i wrote something similar to what i’m about to write here.

yet the message is just as important now as it was then.

living in the tension of building bridges between opposing world views often brings out the best – and the worst – in a lot of folks. people from both sides of the cultural divide often lob labels and accusations in our direction in an effort to ‘figure out’ what The Marin Foundation is all about or to elicit a response of ‘yes’ or ‘no‘.

apparently for some, our efforts to live and love with the same counter-cultural, unconditional love jesus did and does – for all people – are confusing.

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in recent days, i’ve been reading a number of book reviews on some of my favorite books – books that have influenced and formed me deeply in my own journey of faith. these are books that litter my apartment, with broken bindings and protruding post-its stuck in between dog-eared and marked up pages. i’ve read and re-read and highlighted and annotated these works from authors i greatly respect – a few have even become close friends.

and now i’m reading their book reviews. but only the bad ones.

that is not to say these reviews were poorly written, although in some cases that may be true. but i’m only reading the ‘thumbs down’ and ‘one out of five star’ types. i’m reading blog posts that claim all sorts of things about these authors and their works, spending time with the critics of these books in part to prepare myself for the bad reviews my book may get.

accusations of apostasy. heresy. watered-down christianity. appeasement and capitulation to culture. ad hominem attacks in an effort to discredit the message.

these reviews aren’t charitable – in fact, some are downright rude. unapologetically so.

so i take a deep breath and i think about john 21.

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this morning i’m flying to philadelphia for the red letter christians gathering – an opportunity to spend some quality time with good friends of The Marin Foundation tony campolo and shane claiborne, as well as some of the folks that make up the RLC community. i’ve had the opportunity for the past couple of years to have some of my writing featured on the RLC blog, and have had the privilege to become dear friends with a number of these folks known as ‘red letter christians.’

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reversing exclusion.

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yesterday morning, red letter christians posted an article i submitted to them entitled, ‘Reversing Exclusion of the Other.’

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yesterday’s post
generated some discussion around social media circles and in some parts of the blogosphere. on RLC, where the article was picked up and shared, i believe i was accused of projecting myself as a ‘Super Christian,’ denying God’s omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience, his sovereignty, and wasting people’s time as a heretic.

i just shook my head and smiled.

meanwhile, back here at the WayWard follower, a friend posted the following video in the comments section, which i’m passing along as today’s blog post (along with the song’s lyrics, found below). it’s message is timeless, much needed and inviting (the animation is delightful, as well).

this is the good news.

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red letter revolution.

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 what if jesus really meant what he said?

that’s a question that can get you into a lot of trouble.

ironically, a good portion of that trouble tends to come from inside the religious community, because taking a serious look at the words highlighted in red in the sacred text seems to cause questions that are easily seen as meddling with the status quo.

but then again – the same thing happened when jesus spoke those red letters in the first place.

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‘regardless of the diverse theological views of our religious traditions regarding the morality of homosexuality, the criminalization of homosexuality, along with the violence and discrimination against LGBT people that inevitably follows, is incompatible with the teachings of our faith.’

that line is from the open letter sent on behalf of LGBT ugandans by 46 american christian leaders – including tony campolo, brian mclaren and andrew marin, among others.

in uganda, a proposed anti-homosexuality bill in its current version still includes the possibility of the death penalty in certain cases, and would criminalize any speech or actions the government might deem too positive about LGBT people. i was made aware of the contents of the letter written july 24 via dr. warren throckmorton.

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