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is it just me?

mjkimpan  —  January 29, 2014 — 2 Comments



you may have heard about this.

during the always entertaining Grammy Award ceremony, the loudest performance was not Katy Perry being accused of doing actual witchcraft on stage, nor Pink doing her typical yet impressive ribbon dancing performance or even the power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z opening the show with a ridiculously risqúe duet with lyrics that act as a modern day song of solomon; rather, it was quadruple Grammy winners Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performing their breakout hit ‘Same Love’ – an anthem for same sex marriage advocates – as Queen Latifah joined them and Mary Lambart (and eventually Madonna) on stage to legally perform 33 weddings  – gay, straight and interracial – simultaneously as part of the performance.

 enter the outrage.

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mjkimpan  —  March 6, 2013 — 2 Comments

rob bell asks,

is God like an oldsmobile?

for awhile, oldsmobiles were not only reliable vehicles, but the coveted method of transportation; full of technological advances that fit their time.

but they don’t make oldsmobiles anymore.

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GI jane.

mjkimpan  —  January 24, 2013 — 5 Comments

GI jane
yesterday, secretary of defense leon panetta was reported by the associated press as

‘removing the military’s ban on women serving in combat, opening hundreds of thousands of front-line positions and potentially elite commando jobs after more than a decade at war.

The groundbreaking move recommended by the Joint Chiefs of Staff overturns a 1994 rule banning women from being assigned to smaller ground combat units. Panetta’s decision gives the military services until January 2016 to seek special exceptions if they believe any positions must remain closed to women.’

SBC blogger dennis burke suggested this egalitarian move was evidence of the ‘Undoing of Civilization.’

my response?

it is interesting that the ‘undoing of civilization’ has to do with gender roles and not the fact that we’re in a constant state of war.

what do you think?


mjkimpan  —  July 19, 2012 — 54 Comments

[trigger warning :: rape, sexual abuse]

as i write this, i just wrapped up two talks at my church. i chatted about jesus throwing a temple tantrum to a group of high schoolers. i told some stories about the messiah, threw a table, and then wrapped up my evening facilitating a conversation with some 30 or 40 college students about hell.

the end result of that chat was that barney may be either the beast or the anti-christ (that’s a joke, folks — you can laugh), the lake of fire is either bright and very hot or very dark and cold, and we’re not quite certain how best to give a visual representation of this very real space. the group of students have been influenced by everyone from rob bell to jonathan edwards to dante and their parents, so the conversation was…diverse.

respectful, but diverse.

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mjkimpan  —  July 9, 2012 — 190 Comments

on friday late afternoon, rachel held evans wrote a blog post.

she said she hoped it would go unnoticed.

it didn’t.

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the following post comes from lauren dubinsky, and can be found at her blog laurennicolelove, to which i was introduced last week by one of my readers. i highly recommend it.

i asked lauren if i could reproduce her post here, and she graciously said ‘yes.’

The slow thud of pounding bass through my bedroom walls shook me half-awake. I kept my face in my pillow and wondered why it was necessary for music this loud to be played in our family’s home at 7am on Saturday mornings. I pulled my comforter back over my head, and drifted off to sleep for all of two minutes before the fire alarm went off.

Breakfast was ready. And that fire alarm dug it’s nails into my soul.

15 years old. I stumbled in to the kitchen, rubbing my eyes and brushing hair out of my face.

‘Back upstairs, Lauren.’ My mom stood at the stove, waving her spatula at me.


‘UPSTAIRS. You know you can’t wear that around your brothers.’

I shook myself fully awake and glanced down to figure out what she was talking about. Sweatpants and a cami. I guess you could tell my breasts were developing. A little late, I might add.

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sexist avengers.

mjkimpan  —  June 22, 2012 — 23 Comments

are the Avengers sexist?

i saw the movie. i liked it. quite a bit, actually.

i’ve never been much of a comic guy, but for some reason find myself surrounded with people who think Marvel and DC comics are perhaps the coolest thing. ever. so i’ve seen the Spider-Man movies. all three of them. while i was admittedly entertained by the first one, in the second two i thought tobey maguire would’ve been better to stay in his jockey attire than to don the spidey suit once again.

i watched the Batman movies. all of them. and i was amused by the most recent adventures of the dark knight, but ever since i watched ‘homophobic batman‘ on YouTube, i am suspicious of his relationship with the joker. and his voice. sheesh. plus, when bale went NUTS over a stuntman walking on the set of another film, i have to admit i kind of lost respect for this version of the caped crusader. we should bring mr. mom back.

speaking of mothers, last time mine was in town, she wanted to go see the Green Lantern. i wanted my money back. really. i haven’t seen a movie that bad since the latest installment in the Indiana Jones series.

regardless of my past negative experiences, i understand that a lot of folks truly enjoy comic books, and so i keep on trying. and when i saw the Avengers, i must admit that i was pleasantly surprised. i enjoyed it. most everyone i’ve spoken to who’s seen the film share similar sentiments. and yet…

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oh, susie.

mjkimpan  —  June 15, 2012 — 59 Comments

‘calvin and hobbes’ was always my favorite comic strip growing up.  i’m not really sure why.  perhaps it was because i had a tall red-headed friend who bore a striking resemblance to the stuffed tiger in the comic strip.  or perhaps it was because i saw myself in the precocious, headstrong, adventurous 6-year-old calvin.  or perhaps something in my spirit resonated with the propensity he had to search for and exploit loopholes and flaws in ‘the system’ – most often to his own demise.  or perhaps still it was the divine irony of me enjoying a cartoon named after a 17th century political philosopher and (even more so) a 16th century french reformation theologian.

either way, it was funny.  here’s what isn’t funny ::

the current, ongoing debate within evangelicalism regarding some imagined ‘masculine feel’ of christianity.

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mjkimpan  —  March 8, 2012 — 16 Comments

it matters.
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so manly.

mjkimpan  —  February 4, 2012 — 14 Comments

i’m increasingly convinced that the drive towards a ‘masculine’ christianity stems more from a want to cover up poor and immature behavior motivated by misguided desires to mask men’s insecurities than it is a desire to follow hard after jesus.  rejecting the image of jesus given throughout the gospel narratives as a gentle rabbi who cared deeply for women, spent time engaging children and invested in other outcasts of his day to the detriment of his own reputation, this twisted misinterpretation of our faith trades in the example of servant leadership for one that is domineering through ‘putting women in their place.’

the reality is that this type of ‘masculine’ christianity, rather than creating a desire to be true to the biblical text, is being used as an excuse to demand MY way, all while showing how tough i am as a man by calling all the shots, toting my trophy wife or girlfriend around on my arm, driving big trucks, chest bumping, cursing, farting, and watching MMA or living vicariously through chuck norris.  our desire to protect a skewed concept of ‘manhood’ has superseded our desire to love well, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious as this conversation continues that this particular version of our faith does more to alienate and dehumanize than it does to bring a ‘flourishing of women and men.‘

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