the blend.

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The Blend is one project within the scope of (un)common good collective launching this summer in chicago –

Here we believe that Love is Love; No Human is Illegal; Black Lives Matter; Science is Real; Women’s Rights are Human Rights; Water is Life; and Kindness is Everything.

Despite the current socio-political and cultural climate along with the increased exclusionary rhetoric stemming from the religious right claiming there is an angry God figure demanding conversion and conformity under the threat of eternal damnation, we are convinced the collective human consciousness is inching ever-closer toward an understanding of our differences and diversity serving as a reflection and expression of the divine image in each of one us, regardless of our faith and family background. 

We are together in this.

Agreement or disagreement is not what creates civil engagement; rather, through seeking to understand Others over being understood by them, we increase our own capacity to love those whose unique life stories are uncommon to our own lived experience.

Intentional dialogue generates healthy discussion – which in turn breeds understanding and compassion.

The Blend is a concept community based on years of practicing the art of facilitated discussions at the intersection of faith, gender, sexuality and culture through the lens of the sacred texts of the Christian faith. Through creating a safe space for intentional and respectful dialogue across a wide spectrum of belief and practice, The Blend exists to generate and promote solidarity where each individual is treated with inherent worth and dignity as part of the Whole.

We celebrate the beauty in human diversity not in spite of our faith, but because of it.

Sharing partnerships and resources with the Center on HalstedThe Night Ministry, Traffick FreeHoward Brown Health Center and many others in the neighborhood, The Blend Project is rooted deeply within our local community of Boystown, actively engaging in projects, events and opportunities while expanding our impact on various faith communities and congregations within the collective, scattered around the country.

Our goal is not to convert other people to a particular understanding of a certain faith; rather, to learn from the divinely inspired stories each individual brings to our Table – which is always open.

We seek to practice what Jesus preached – remaining present to those who are so often dismissed by religious leaders, and sharing the better story of a Life of Love.

Ironically, that’s not such a different story than that Jesus told – a picture of a world in which those who claim to love God, love Others. A narrative in which the religious and the common move together and in solidarity – from mere words to movement – from word to flesh – in following the trajectory of the original story of the people of God…a tale of redemption, of restoration, and reconciliation.

Jesus regularly spoke of the Kingdom of God starting small – in a field, or farm, or even broken family relationships – at home or at work, recognizing that this ‘heavenly place’ is within each of us, shared within our divinely inspired humanity. We take the words of Jesus seriously, and are committed to patterning our own community after a 21st century understanding of his teachings – modeling an incarnational approach to our conversations and relationships both inside and outside of our gatherings as we seek to build a better story than we’ve each been handed by our faith and family traditions.

We’re building a different kind of faith community – reframing the story, and tilting it toward building a better world – for everyone.

if you are interested in learning more about or participating in The Blend project, please contact me – or you can support this effort through the form below ::