the fan.

mjkimpan  —  October 1, 2012 — 31 Comments

last week we explored the call and concept of solidarity; specifically, that concept as it is found in the life and teachings of jesus.

which leads us to the (in)convenient crux of decision as christ followers. if jesus’ way is clearly tilted toward compassion, healing, acceptance, forgiveness, inclusion and love (from beginning to end), how is it that we as his followers are known primarily by a theology of exclusion, rejection, constriction, elitism and condemnation?

why are the types of people who were drawn to jesus repulsed by his followers? why are christians most often defined by what they stand against, rather than the love by which christ commanded them to be known?

something has gone terribly wrong.

last evening at our college ministry, a number of students shared this sentiment as we looked at what is (in my opinion) one of jesus’ most tragically misunderstood statements. this generated some great discussion and dialogue, which led the group to the place of asking, ‘okay…now what?’

and that’s when it hit the fan.

one of the students turned to a teaching he has found helpful in his own journey of learning to better follow jesus. the words echoed in that sacred space.

don’t think of yourself too highly.

cling to what is good.

be devoted to one another.

honor one another.

be joyful. patient. faithful.

practice hospitality, live in harmony.

so i asked ::

‘what would it look like if everyone in this circle committed to trying to live like this – really trying – for just one month?’

i guess we’ll find out.

anyone want to join us in a REVOLUTION?