train wreck.

mjkimpan  —  October 14, 2016 — Leave a comment

i’d LOVE for my christian friends somehow still supporting donald trump to explain how they’ve missed the irony in the above political cartoon.

it’s calling you a hypocrite.

many can’t seem to differentiate between Trump’s consistent obscene and criminal behavior toward countless women on the one hand; and his opponent’s fighting for her marriage after her husband betrayed her trust with a white house intern.

besides the fact that bill clinton’s sexual escapades are essentially irrelevant as he isn’t the clinton who is running for office (yes, i expect one day their daughter will also attempt to save US from ourselves) – Hillary Clinton is running against Donald Trump, in case you didn’t get the memo…

<side note :: these are your two, binary choices in terms of who reside at the actual white house on pennsylvania avenue. you have the right vote third party if you wish, but barring an unprecedented violent revolution during an american presidential election or an act of God (or both/and?) one of these two choices will occupy the oval offie >

it’s apparent ‘slick willy’ got that nickname for a reason. touché. looks like democrats aren’t perfect either,

what a ‘gotcha’ moment.

and you’re right – that accusation was proven (kind of, i mean – this is the world of politics we’re talking about), but that was a long-ass time ago.

yes, it was bad. it is literally an abuse of power. in all the ways. it should be denounced, there’s no question. what bill clinton did – and many other president’s before him have done (consider JFK using secret passageways to meet with marilyn monroe, or go back to our founding fathers and consider that andrew jackson raped his 14 year old slave…the list goes on) – was bad.

there’s a lot of bad stuff in each of our pasts. yours and mine included.

it’s perfectly acceptable to declare this behavior as unacceptable. to move forward in taking responsibility and ownership for our pasts, making peace, and then living into the strength it takes to boldly claim in both word and practice a life where we’re better than that.

yet the magic is made when your mistakes lead you toward inner growth – a growth that teaches us there are no mistakes, or accidents – there is literally nothing in the Universe that goes to waste. not even this moment.

regardless of one’s political alliance, most folks consider this to be a profound and true statement. our past and present experiences prepare us for our future – and we have agency, power and authority over our own lives.

we can create a preferred future. we are human beings.

we are, for lack of a better term… ‘Divine.’

besides, do you think Hillary Clinton didn’t give ole’ Slick Willy a piece of her mind?

better chances of Jay-Z checking out every girl with good hair while drinking Lemonade right in front of the Queen.


hell hath no fury like a Woman scorned, yet Hillary somehow managed to hold her own in the power of her Womanhood, put the most powerful man on the planet in his place as a normal guy who sometimes fucks up, forgive him (which takes more guts than it does for me to say the ‘fuck’ word on a blog post to prove a point), and forge peace deals not only abroad, but at home as well.

that’s worthy of praise. isn’t it, my friends?

how we (re)frame the story matters. the clintons have been married for over 41 years despite of the former president’s infamous unfaithfulness. they’ve been to hell and back. probably have vouchers. and they’ve decided they’re stronger  together.

and somehow, we’re once again blaming the Woman?


we need to revisit the Beginning and question the Origins of what we believe to be true.

to my Trump supporting friends and familya confession :: it’s truly too difficult for me to concede that you and i are following the same jesus i’ve been reading about in the gospels for the past 30-something years.

i have a responsibility based upon the privilege of a scholarly education in religion and philosophy, basic information, a healthy dose of literacy and a dash of common sense. i know better.

like many of my neighbors, i like jesus quite a bit – it’s his fan club i’m unimpressed with.

jesus’ life, teachings and example are being bastardized by a collection of cowardly-acting and fearful ‘men’ seemingly compensating for their insecurities with thicker leather-bound bibles and bigger-and-louder guns.

fellas, your patriarchy is showing. if we’re going out in public, you might just want to readjust. tuck it to the left or something.

it’s kind of embarrassing for the rest of us attached to the Body when it shows up unwanted. it’s like an unsolicited dick pic.

nobody wants that.

to all my ‘morally and ethically concerned’ evangelical friends who’ve stood alongside Trump and his messaging of sexism, misogyny, racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, violence and the threat of violence against our country’s own citizens, against immigrants, against journalists and even his his political opponent up until the republican candidate’s most recent buffoonery (which no doubt, by the time anyone reads this blog post, will have been already overshadowed by the latest and greatest distraction of the #TrumpTrainWreck),

here’s another question to ponder ::

why is it only now these so-called (or self-professed) ‘leaders’ are either confident or convicted enough to say this man doesn’t represent them as an ambassador of christianity, when he said a whole bunch of other terrible shit beforehand?,

why did this video become the straw that broke the camel’s proverbial back but Trump-up-till-now was publicly promoted as a morally good choice for any red-blooded, baptized believer, according to the dude who literally wrote the book on systematic theology for conservative Evangelical christians.

until just a couple days ago.

now – just a few short news cycles later, according to the same author – ‘there is no morally good presidential candidate in this election.

loads of evangelical leaders chimed in with their wholehearted agreement, essentially saying together to Trump, ‘everything you said up to now is okay, but THAT was too far. you’ve crossed a line’


we need better boundaries.

once again, i call bullshit.

the accepted standard of basic human decency is way. back. there.

not only does the assertion ‘there is no morally good presidential candidate‘ feed into the false dichotomy of polarized, binary, right/wrong, good/bad, black/white, us/them thinking and continues to perpetuate the toxic doctrine of original sin, but grudem’s follow up statement reeks of the same silly man-splaining tactic that Trump and other frightened, cowardly men like him use when they feel backed into a corner ::

‘Some may criticize me for not discovering this material earlier, and I think they are right. I did not take the time to investigate earlier allegations in detail, and I now wish I had done so. If I had read or heard some of these materials earlier, I would not have written as positively as I did about Donald Trump.’

really, wayne grudem? with all that research you did for your over five thousand word article on Trump and how important this election is, carefully crafted in your personal endorsement of Trump’s presidency and his proposed policies (frighteningly, at times giving more details on specific policy matters than Trump’s own campaign), you are now publicly claiming, in writing, that hadn’t even heard of or read anything like this? or this? or this?

seems like our religious leaders are slacking. do your homework, guys.

we live in the age of information. watch some CNN. use the internet. get on Google. use social media. read more.

you can come follow me, if you’d like.

of course, the about-face-flip-flop on Trump by many conservative evangelical leaders has me holding onto hope – if a conservative, evangelical, systematic theologian can change their mind on a presidential candidate’s campaign less than thirty days before an election, maybe these individuals, churches and organizations can use some left-over-common-sense from that decision to stop treating their LGBTQ sons and daughters like lepers and second class citizens until and unless they claim to be straight, cis and celebate (just as a random example. the list of communities mistreated by the church goes on, and on, and on. i have stories).

christians, what the hell happened to your faith?

who has bewitched you foolish galatians (have you got eyes to see what i did there)?

seriously though. pick almost any topic – start with the so-called ‘birther conspiracy.’ or Trump’s ignorance on foreign policy. or his bromance with vladimir putin and all things russia. or his love of money. or his insistence on increasing Law and Order, outlining policies of blatant racial and ethnic profiling as normative in his proposed world. his comments on ‘all muslims’ as if they’re an ethnic group easily identified at our airports, and the religion of islam. people of color. women. mexicans. jews. immigrants of every kind. POWs like john mccain. journalists. all of his opponents. the list goes on. donald Trump has even made outrageous and obscene comments about his own flesh and blood.

his daughter, for christ’s sake. sweet baby jesus. wake up, Church. do your job.

if this is what we’ve come to expect from our Fathers, no wonder we have questions around our own identities, and our priests can’t be trusted around children. we’re living in a hell created by our own choosing.

quite frankly, white conservative christianity and evangelicalism deserves donald trump. this is what our faux hyper-morality and purity culture have brought us. this is the best of what a flannel graph-restricted, two dimensional jesus has to offer.

and this version of christianity just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

if you can imagine a better and more loving God than the one you worship, then you’re worshipping the wrong god.

if we believe we’re made in the image of the Creator, we ought to quit praying about it and just imagine a better and more loving version…or perhaps simply admit that our imaginations thus far have been limited; acknowledge our shortcomings, and move on as we get about the business of Building a Better World. we don’t have to stay here. we don’t have to live in this place – in turmoil, angst and at war with everyone around us, including ourselves.

there is a better Way.

it’s been 2,000 years, everybody. that’s a long time to be in denial about being stood up for a fancy dinner. didn’t he say he was coming back ‘soon?’ perhaps we misinterpreted what he meant. i say, let’s take another look and see if we can’t imagine a better story.

what do you think?