mjkimpan  —  August 3, 2012 — 10 Comments

we wrote this awhile ago, for our college ministry #thecrux. we called it ‘a manifesto.’

we are convinced that people want to belong to a community that has a purpose;

it’s what we call TRIBE.

TRIBE is a mob of displaced, disconnected, dispassionate, severed, disrespected, unnoticed, unknown and voiceless individuals who inspire movement together as ONE.

as ONE, this mob–this TRIBE–is committed to walking alongside our community, helping each other find and follow jesus christ. as ONE, we will move with transparency.

as a TRIBE, we will celebrate our uniqueness as individuals; as a TRIBE, we will inspire one another; as a TRIBE, we will live with passion and purpose; as a TRIBE, we will find our voice in a hopeless world.

we are convinced that our hope, our identity and our joy is unwrapped in the person and work of jesus christ, who from day ONE has known each of us by name.

i would like to extend this manifesto here, to my readers at the WayWard follower.

what do you think?