(un)common good collective.

mjkimpan  —  December 23, 2015 — Leave a comment


the purpose of (un)common good collective is quite simple; we serve as a shared resource organization to provide services and fund the work of communities of (and without!) faith), organizations and individuals within our ever-growing circle of friends seeking to build a better world.

we seek to develop strong partnerships with partners around the country (and even around the world) who are working toward creating a more fair and equitable, just and generous world by giving our time, treasure and talent in a shared economy of goodness.

in more than two decades of doing non-profit and ministry related work, i’ve found the following to be true –

‘doing good’ is actually quite common.

there are countless people doing good in our world. it’s common. happens every damned day. what is historically uncommon, however, is the intentional collaboration and the sharing of resources within these communities of do-gooders. many times perceived competition for donor dollars or platform, combined with a scarcity mindset limits the range and effectiveness of the Work – and stifles our imagination of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

in recent years i’ve been privileged to develop rich relationships with a growing number of individuals doing absolutely incredible things in the world – and have consistently found myself in the position of a networker or bridge builder between these friends and organizations seeking the common good for common folks – which is common sense. 

(un)common good collective serves as an avenue to fund various efforts in continued work with these individuals, organizations and faith communities without adding to their financial stress (or my own) in seeking project funding for efforts across a broad spectrum of social, political and religious traditions – seeking to work and grow together to elevate the collective conscious within their circles of influence.

those that can afford to cover the expenses of my work will still be expected to contribute in a way that is both just and generous, but i am convinced i can better serve this growing network – a movement, really – of people seeking build a better world by partnering with them in their work without a financial cost attached.

that’s just part of the vision – it’s called sharing out of our abundance.

i believe we live in a world of abundance, not scarcity.

being responsible with the richness of my relationships provides an opportunity for me to become a conduit for funding the building of a better world, and the privilege to serve as a connector between my friends and co-conspirators of goodness in making our collective dreams for that better future a reality.

will you join us in building a better world?