mjkimpan  —  November 14, 2012 — 4 Comments

‘who you are not is uninteresting. tell us who you are.’
–rob bell

so often, we define ourselves by stating what (or who) we are against, rather than what or who we are for. and quite frankly, that’s just boring. tired. worn out. uninteresting.

i couldn’t care less to know where you are not. it’s simply unhelpful. i want to know where you are. the world doesn’t need more people to point fingers and place blame. rather than wrapping our identity up in what we don’t want to be defined as, perhaps it would better serve our purposes toward moving to a better future to actually paint one.

give me a vision of a better world, and i just might follow you there.

we don’t need any more doomsday proclamations or naysayers to the possibilities of what could be. we need dreamers.

dreamers, from walt disney to dr. martin luther king jr. to mother teresa, have quite literally changed the world by envisioning a state of affairs better than before.  the impression they have left on countless millions – their global emotional and spiritual  footprint – is immeasurable.

each of them set out not to stroll onto the stage of international superstardom or sainthood, but simply to right what was wrong in the world in which they lived.  we need today such men and women who have not just familiar vision and foresight but that possess a courage, conviction and passion to engage the injustices of our present society.

i dream that a community of WayWard followers can and will usher in the kingdom by taking seriously the teachings and example of jesus.

i dream of a day when those who claim to follow him are defined not by their religious codes and creeds but by their conduct and love one for each other and Others.

i dream of a day when the chief purpose of our being is to meet the needs of those around us, thus honoring the One who created life.

i dream of christ followers living in a supernatural, divine unity that transcends our human understanding and tendency toward division, that we would be one just as the father and the son are One–that in this unity we might be found complete and made whole.

 i dream that we can and will live out the abundant life .i dream we to love God and love Others above all else, and that in every decision we make and every action we take; in every conversation we have, this divine love would shine forth.i dream that we can and will fulfill our calling to bring hope to the afflicted; to mend the brokenhearted; to proclaim freedom to the captives and liberty to those who are held in chains; to comfort those who are in mourning; to feed the hungry and to clothe the naked; to be a beacon of hope and light in a world afflicted with darkness and despair.
that’s interesting.
we need less uninteresting statements about who we are not, and more hopeful envisioning of who we are to become. we need people to dream, and to share that dream with others, inspiring intentional movement and thoughtful conversation surrounding what could be.
here’s an example ::

so…any takers? what would you like to see?