mjkimpan  —  August 16, 2012 — 21 Comments

the always creative, ever-innovative derek webb is back at it again.  though the album’s release date is about a month away, derek has made his new (un)released album, Ctrl available for the faithful at his website.

the following lyrics come from derek webb’s new (un)released album, Ctrl.   give it a read, take a listen.

would love your thoughts.

a real ghost.

soft light
a right mind
things you can become nostalgic for

full lungs
things i feel i’ve never felt before

i stood the ledge
took the leap
i wasn’t sure
was i asleep
it felt so real but not as real as this

now all my questions have found their answer here

a soft touch
a deep cut
things that can restore your sanity

a real ghost
without clothes
things i never dreamed that i could be

i closed my eyes
i felt no pain
i wished i could be born again
to my surprise i woke to find it done

if you’d like to purchase the album, go here.  if you’re not sure you want to yet, and would like to hear a few songs for free (including ‘a real ghost’), check this out ::