why jesus died.

mjkimpan  —  February 28, 2013 — 1 Comment

i’m not exactly sure why tony decided to don the fedora, but he looks better in it than i do.

yes, i’m jealous.

i’ve been wanting to get myself a fedora ever since i heard justin timberlake was coming to chicago in concert – with jay z – this summer.

i’m going to go see him.

but i won’t wear the fedora. it’s just not me.

yet tony is able to pull it off. with seemingly equal ease, he’s also able to maintain the vernacular of a ‘regular guy’ while pontificating on theories of atonement with the perspective of a PhD from princeton.

that’s because he is a regular guy – who just happens to think theologically about – well, everything.

speaking on the importance of thinking correctly about jesus’ crucifixion, tony says ::

‘that God became [a] human being. and that God experienced ultimate solidarity with us as human beings – with our sense of loss, our sense of loneliness – and on the cross, even on the cross, jesus yells out, ‘My God, why have you forsaken me?’

… that’s incredible.’

enjoy this very helpful description of some fancy theological terms and the importance of thinking through the implications of the atonement from my friend tony jones.

watch the video, buy the book. and if you don’t already – follow tony on twitter and read his blog.

even if you don’t agree with him – he’s a brilliant thinker, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. admirable on both counts.


as i’ve said before, the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth takes place within the context of community – did anything tony said stand out to you? do you agree/disagree with his assessment of the atonement?

what do you think?