mjkimpan  —  October 10, 2012 — 21 Comments

we asked the bold question, ‘what if we lived incarnationally?’

time for some wordplay.

incarnationally = incarnation – ally.

we have an opportunity to get in on God’s movement from word to flesh if we are willing to be allies of the incarnation. our purpose must be to participate in the intentional and incarnational movement of God toward those who are not in a position of power or prestige, but are instead pushed to the fringes and treated as the Other.

in the history of society, culture and the subculture of our religious affiliation, we have habitually engaged with others in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them.’ we say, ‘if you believe behave and become like us, we will consider you ‘in’ – if not, you’re ‘out.

but that’s not the gospel.

the good news of God is that in the incarnation, God moves toward all of us in the midst of our ‘not-together-ness.’ in order for us to mirror and reflect the way in which jesus lived, we must also be willing to move toward the Other with him.

i am convinced that God is up to something, and everyone is invited. as we move toward the Other in our individual context in an intentional effort of solidarity, we embody and become the movement from word to flesh. the apostle paul begs his friends in corinth to get in on the mission of this good news ::

 we are ambassadors for christ, as though God were making an appeal through us.

we are asked to be allies of the incarnation – the movement from word to flesh. we are asked to live ‘incarnation-ally.’

perhaps the lines between ‘us’ and ‘them’ are more blurred than we realize – or care to admit. perhaps the gospel we’ve preached of who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’ has run its course – and is tired. washed up. perhaps it’s even unbiblical.

i believe that the good news – the gospel – is better than that.

i believe this gospel has the power to rescue each of us from our own hell, and brings us life to the full. i believe understanding this gospel perpetually moves us toward Others, inviting them to partake in the abundant life – not one of slavery to the Law, but an invitation into the freedom of grace.

i believe we can change the world with this message of hope as allies of the incarnation.

what do you think? what does living incarnation-ally look like in your context?